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5 Gigs but No Order

I created five gigs 21 days ago but I have no oder. My gig impression, view is not bad. I do daily marketing on social media.
please see my gig and let me know what’s wrong.
I expect good comment to fiverr expert.

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Keep patience as I’m keeping I’m here from more than one year but got only 6 orders still not getting orders from last month :sob::sob:

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Really. you are Inspiration for every begineer. Thank you.:heart::heart::heart:

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Posting your gig links to your social media accounts is NOT marketing. Your friends are not your customers. If you want to earn your orders, reach out to the people who need your services. Tell them about what you do, and SHOW them how you can solve their problems.

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How can we find those people?

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You tell me. Who are you trying to sell your services to? Figure this out, and you’ll know where to look for them.

If you were selling hamburgers, who are your customers, and where might you find them? If you were selling cars, who needs a car? If you’re selling swimsuits, by golly, where would you find people who wear swimsuits? :thinking:

Knowing who your customers are, and understanding what they need is not a hard concept. Please do your research to figure these things out. Only YOU know who your customers are, so only YOU know where you need to go to reach out to them and turn them into customers.

I’m trying to help people like you think like a freelancer, but people like you just aren’t listening. You can do this. You have the ability to think creatively and work productively. But YOU are going to need to do these things. I cannot do them for you.

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Thanks for your effective information.:heart:

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I have no idea that’s why I want to suggestion from you.

We have already given you our advice and you haven’t done anything to improve your gigs.
Why are you wasting our time?


My advice is only “effective” if you actually put it into action.


Hi,can u tell me how to marketing my gigs or profile on social media.i never done that before and not having any ideas about it.

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My advice: Don’t post your gig links on social media sites unless the people you are sharing your links with are the people who need your services. Your customers aren’t likely to be connected to you on social media.

Instead, figure out who your customers are, and then go promote your gigs wherever those people are located.