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$5 gigs, no, contact me first so I can tell you magic pricing

I’ve been buying on Fiverr for a bit over a week now. I was hesitant and refused to buy for many months prior. Found the $5 price, or $3.92 post fees to seller to be unsustainable for any custom work.

So far, I’ve bought six gigs. Here’s the breakdown:

1 delivered 3rd party rubbish. Bad gig with poor communications. It was for pre-built data of all things. Data provided was of super poor quality, old. etc.

1 purchase resulted in timeline expiring with ZERO contact from the seller. This was for HTML/CSS work.

2 were for logos. Both of these were handled well and the sellers were prompt and generous. Good products.

1 successful purchase was for a “custom” bootstrap implementation. Alright deliverable and on time. Won’t win any awards. Curiously, about to order again to see if the seller actually is doing this stuff or just repurposed what was delivered.

1 purchase is actively open, another logo design.

What have I learned so far?

To start, I inquire pre-purchase on every product with a question. If pre-sales is really slow, then I am probably going to avoid the seller. If their communications are cryptic, hard to understand, etc. I am probably going to shop elsewhere.

Next, a good percentage of sellers fail to answer pre-sales questions in timely manner (i.e. 3-5 days). Making pre-sale contact probably saved me from more bad experiences.

Finally, many sellers are using Fiverr as a sales channel. Their offers aren’t $5. Worse, many refuse to disclose their pricing until you inquire. One gig, it wasn’t $5, it was $100, which is fine if the seller would just put such in their addons or offer copy. I am fine with upselling, just not the secret backdoor dealing that is going on with too many sellers currently.

Summary, 2 out of 6 orders were failures. A fairly high rate.

Pre-sales questions went unanswered in about 40% of my inquiries.

Thank you for posting this–interesting. I was wondering how to go about finding the right seller for an expensive project I’m working on.

I have contacted a HUGE number of Sellers!

(Unfortunately, it’s necessary in the case of my Business - which requires many different types of work to be done.)

I too, have found that around 30-40% of Sellers NEVER respond to a pre-sales question message.


And that is after I gave them THREE tries, on different days and different times-of-day - to compensate for timezone differences and workday preferences!

THREE attempts… and still ZERO response!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Most puzzling (laughable?) of all… some of my pre-Purchase inquiry messages were sent MINUTES after they posted on the Forum, asking people why they have NO SALES!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Robert, I’ll answer your question right away…for $5.00. No, wait, this is a complex question, make it $760!

Start clicking~~ :-j

As a seller, I respond ASAP to all inquiries. I even have the Fiverr app on my phone, so I can respond from anywhere. Even saying “Let me get back to you” works wonders because you still took the time to respond.

But yeah, if I had a pre-sale question and the seller didn’t get back in a timely manner, I’d move on to someone else.

Reply to @celticmoon: I tried clicking on your Buy button… but there was No Response!


@batisa, this is interesting and helpful to know coz it represents the other side of the coin. At one side, honest sellers try their best to stand with the expected result.

The nature of what I am putting out for work on Fiverr is fairly pedestrian, so far. Standard brand seed level pieces (logo, website, miscellaneous graphics).

So far, Fiverr has been absolutely great on the logos. I haven’t sent out creative drawing stuff yet, but there seem to be quite a few folks to select from with stellar ratings.

The website building - HTML/CSS/bootstrap/etc. has been a real let down. Vast majority of the offers are simple stolen / resold templates or they are non responsive or their pricing is way outside of Fiverr (a topic that really is starting to get under my skin).

I am all for value-addons, people charging per piece or page… That’s not what is going on though. Folks advertise $5, say contact me first (which I do) and they come back for pedestrian stuff at hundreds of dollars. Hoping Fiverr starts cracking down on these sorts of folks.