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5$ gigs = Trouble

Hey, let me rant about an issue that l found really annoying about 5$ gigs orders is that few times I get orders from really challenging and asking buyers that ask for a lot of work for one gig, the same buyer usually ask for revision and professional and high quality work for one gig only.
The big issue is that a basic 5$ gig can ruin your reputation on fiverr if you get a bad review or if you ask for a mutual cancellation you will get punished and we as sellers know very well that bad feedbacks and cancellation are a big NO for your status.
What you think about this?


This subject gets covered almost every day on the forum.


Hi @solow13

I’m so tired to read about this $5 orders thing… :neutral_face:

Let me put it this way and as politely as I can… If you’re not comfortable offering $5 services, raise your prices.


For that I have changed my gig’s package value from $5 to $25…:grinning:


You can always avoid to replay if you are tired and if I offer the basic 5$ is because I can offer a basic gig that takes 5 minutes to deliver, unfortunately some buyer order that specific cheap gig for order the World

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So? this is the ranting place and I can rant if you don’t agree you are free to not read and respond!

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I do offer 5$ gigs and the problem is that some buyer order that gig and ask for a lot of work!

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MissCrystal is also allowed to rant about people who post about things that have been talked about over and over and over again.


Yes… I have also changed my gig price for that reason.

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This is your rant :arrow_down:

5$ gigs = Trouble

Being so, you’re option would be not to offer $5 gig or what is the same, increase your price. But you say :arrow_down:

Then, if you’re not willing to raise your price, you’ll need to die silent.

BTW, the problem is not $5 orders but buyers as you correctly answered to yourself :arrow_down:

You also state the following :arrow_down:

That’s not true at all, $5 gigs don’t ruin no one’s reputation.

As for bad reviews, cancellations, warnings and whatever, you can get them at any order price.

Have a nice day!


You should always deliver high quality, professional work, regardless of the price.


The point is that these threads clog the forum. We shouldn’t have to scroll through the same things over and over again or open the latest posts in case it’s something important, only to find it’s something people have been saying here and over and over again. All you have to do is search $5 gigs in the search field to see if it’s repetitive content. That’s the courteous thing to do, especially if we’re to have a forum with fresh, in-depth insights.


This is so true and I was giving my own small rant. :slight_smile:


Then maybe you need to be more specific on your offerings. Write a longer description, FAQ, even more requirements if needed. Yes, no matter what there will always be buyers who are, frankly, stupid, but you’re ultimately the one who can do the most towards mitigating the problem. Be CLEAR and be FIRM. I know it’s a bad mark, but if you need to, cancel.


unlucky 5 dollar package

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I can say this - I can wipe my nose off with 5 dollars. That’s like half a pack of cigs. Not worth in 2019. Maybe in 2005 would’ve been great. Not now. And if somebody was to offer me something for 5 bucks, I would think it’s the trashiest product or service like ever.

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Especially for someone who has been here for six years and still is offering gigs for $5, it does not make sense to continue to have $5 gigs.

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I don’t even bother doing some $5 gigs if they’re too much of a hassle. If they’re technical/task-based, and it’s easy, $5 are okay to do. For example, if I were to verify your website with Google for $5, the client can’t tell me how it’s done, because it’s a yes/no process, not based on opinions of how the client wants the job to be done.

For works that are creative, never charge $5.

Its called upsell, google it!

You look confident however you gigs doesn’t reflect your confidence!