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5 Important Things You must Know

  1. You can’t create two of your own same gig. ( like people can’t use same pic and wording for two gigs to utilize category offers)

  2. You can’t post any paid testimonial video on your own gig. ( you need to post your own video to promote your gig)

  3. If your “Post a Request” denied more than 4,5 times there is a chance your account can be restricted.

  4. Never buy Review on Fiverr. Fiverr will ban such users.

  5. Never try to cheat here because in the end you have to suffer because Fiverr team will someday catch you.

If anyother you know kindly share

dont try to copy paste same message again and again to buyers it can be read as spam. which may cause restriction on your account.

Great advice, thanks for sharing.

John :slight_smile:

4,5 times? Why not just 4 or 5 times?

thankx. Nice advice


4 or 5 times dont know exact so thats why.

also, no sharing of personal details!

When you are new on Fiverr, don’t buy review to create attention. Do all the hard work of earning your buyers trust. If you try to cheat, one day you will be caught by fiverr team.

These or course and more importantly, do not bring customers you met on fiverr outside of fiverr. This is a very big violation of Fiverr’s TOS which I assume everybody knows but do not realize fully. Think of it as an investment into you “Top Seller” status whenever you reject an offer to take work outside of fiverr. In the long run, if you adhere to the TOS and you do good work, a Top Seller status will do more for you and your business than some quick buck.

There are some really good tips there. Let us keep adding if there us anything else useful for others

Tarnia x

Great Advice… Thanks for sharing


Great tips, Thank you

Thanks for this advice :slight_smile: