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$5 is not $5

Hi, is it normal that when someone has said they would do a logo for $5 that the first thing they say is that it is $10 and I need to place an order for a 2nd one? I want a black and white text only logo which is what they have offered within 24hrs. This is my first time using this so I have just chosen a scam person to begin with?


What is their feedback like?
What does their portfolio look like?
Did you contact them before buying or just order the gig?
Are there limits on what the seller provides for $5 (read the listing and see).

You can contact customer support if you want or just move on to another. You can also request to cancel the order and get your funds back. This is on the order page at the top where it says “resolution center”

They had good feedback and photos, from what I can see what I am asking for is what they are offering. I would prefer to not throw $5 away so will cancel the request then.

Should I be contacting people before I order? Is it normal to advertise something for $5 and it not be $5?

It’s a good idea to contact people before you order, yes.

Everyone (with a few exceptions in some categories which are rolling out services for more than $5) should be offering something for $5. Up to you if you contact Customer support or not…


The buyer is misusing the Fiverr the system if this is true. Definite contact customer support :).

You can also ask them what service they DO offer for $5 relevant to the gig.

I just complete my 1st order & get 5star review. But don’t know the way-how to show this in gig pic anyone can tell me?