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5 months,still no order

Hello everyone,

I am a graphic designer,I am here with fiverr about 5 month. Still i don’'t get a single order.

I need professional advice,please help me,



Are you doing anything productive to market and promote your gig to the target customers that need your services? Or are you just sitting back, hoping that random people will randomly find your gig and make you marvelously wealthy?

You do know that business requires hard work, right? What hard work are you doing to grow and improve your business?


Hey there! I usually like your comments and you’re right totally but I’ve been missing your specific advices, for example you say something about promoting your business to the right people in a right way, but for example how is your day look like on the internet when you start to reach your target audiance? I mean your technique, it’s ok to find for example a group on the facebook but after it? I’ve seen your comments about “spamming and stuff” so I got it, that’s useless, but then what you do?:slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,


I think jonbaas’s point is that the specific advice for specific sellers in whatever industries they may be in differs, and that you have to research the best way to market to your audience on your own. A day in the life of someone reaching out to their target audience will look very different depending on what kind of people you’re targeting.


Also, to remain on topic:

@imammahadi651I’m confused by your profile tagline.

leisure!!! what is it??

I get that you’re trying to convey that you work hard, but I think something more descriptive would help.


Yeah it’s ok and if someone copies that, he/she probably couldn’t be so effective like jonbaas, but to me it would be an inspiration!


I reach out to my market – the people who need my services – and I tell them about what I do. People need what I offer, and I offer my services as a solution to their needs. This is called marketing. Find the people who need what YOU have to offer, and tell them how YOU can be the solution to their needs.

It constantly baffles me how hard of a concept this seems to be for most people here on Fiverr. You’re in the business of solving people’s needs. So, figure out how YOU can do this… and make it happen.


Use the Buyers Request page daily and try to check out the many tips on the forum to improve your gig


Thank you for your advice sir. I will keep your word in mind


Thank’s for your advice mam. Yeah it’s really irrelevant. I will change it

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I do, But Still it is not working

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There is a very serious typo in your gig title. It should be t shirt … not the other word you have typed! Remember, attention to detail is very important and I am sure that will (and has) put buyers off.

Edit: See you have now changed it by adding the “r” … Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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promote your gigs through social media , google adwords , Facebook advertising Instagram etc
you’ll surely receive a response


Thank YOU, I surely will

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welcome :slight_smile:


add a video on your gig .


Add a clear video on your gig and promote your gig social media like(facebook, google plus, fiverr forum, pinterest) hope that you are positive feedback.

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I do a lot of marketing for my gigs.

You can not sit still and wait for orders.

You have to find out in google how to sell many products online.

I think it’s just a matter of coming to you for not wanting to learn

Make sure your gig description is detailed, clear and genuine. Add a video to your gig. Check your tags and make changes if needed. Use social media to promote your gig or gigs!

Good luck and don’t give up!


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I’m new to this but reading comments, reasearching i’m learning about it.

so thank you y’all