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$5 or $10 pricing? Should I price my gig at $5 or $10? I have been reading articles that higher priced gigs perform better than the standard $5 gig. Have absolutely no idea if there is validity o that claim lol. bu curious to hear other sellers’ opinions!


The gig is new, I will suggest to go with $5. Once you get some orders, you can increase price on the gig. >15or20.

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That is great advice! Thanks!

As a beginner I suggest you $5. After getting some good reviews you can raise price to $15 or $20.


Three quick thoughts. One, as a new seller without feedback score, etc - buyers are far more likely to take a chance on potentially ‘wasting’ $5 than they are on wasting $10. So, charging just $5 should in theory allow you to sell gigs more quickly and build up feedback.

Two, don’t appear desperate / cheap / inexperienced, etc. Good clients (the ones we all want!) will know the true value of the service you offer. They might therefore think that you aren’t serious if you ask just $5 - if your competition is asking $35 for example.

And three, place a value on your time! For example, if it takes you 30 minutes to do a reading and a further 5 minutes to deal with the admin of replying to the client etc - then ask yourself if $5 ($4 after Fiverr commission) is worth your time? If on the other hand the whole process takes you just 10 minutes, then $5 might be ok for you.

Another quick thought, I would advise you to be very careful around offering a one hour service. Can you really guarantee that? What about global time differences (someone ordering when you are asleep), what about someone ordering when you’re in the supermarket doing the weekly shop? You are setting a VERY high expectation that (as a longtime Fiverr seller) is VERY difficult to maintain.


These are all very great insights. Thank you so much for your time!