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$5 or $50 gig- your thoughts, selling strategy


Hi! I was curious to hear your thoughts on this…

Do you think Fiverr is more suitable for selling $5 gigs, than those more expensive?

Do you think it’s better to price a gig $5 to write 100 words or $50 to write 1000 words? You might be in other niches, but you get the idea…

Do you think an average Fiverr buyer comes here primarily looking for cheap work or high-quality work (don’t say “both”, please! :))?



That is exactly the same price/words, right? So, that example followed by this-

doesn’t make much sense to me.

Just by increasing the word count (while maintaining the same price/word count ratio) doesn’t make it “higher-quality” work. Also, there are chances for price and quality to be mutually exclusive.

But I think I get your point and in my opinion, there are buyers for both low word count gigs (cheaper) as well as those looking for people to write them 100,000 words (costlier) even if the 2 gigs have the exact same price/word count. Similarly, there are people who also prefer sellers who provide impeccable quality service at a much higher price/word count too. It all boils down to the quality of service the seller is capable of providing. :wink:


Thanks! I was looking for general thoughts about selling strategies. I was searching through top rated sellers here the other day, and by far, most of them offer $5 gigs. So, in your opinion, what seems to be the better choice- expensive or cheap gigs (in terms of making a better earn)? Or, at the end of a day, it’s the same?


I, unfortunately, am not in a position to comment on that yet… Because I am kinda new to Fiverr.

But what I see a lot of good sellers do is that - they cover a huge range over the 3 plan options of a gig… So that the customers can see what they are capable of doing.

Also, expensive gigs tend to attract “better” (if you will…) buyers and would net you more earning at the end of the day… in comparison to Fiver gigs.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this. :slight_smile: