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$5 Order Cancellation vs $100+ Order Cancellation?

So I’m on the point of having a rather big order cancelled because the buyer isn’t responding and I don’t have the necessary information to complete the order. Anyone have any idea how bad it’s gonna hit my gig ranking? Is there any difference between a $5 cancellation or $100+ cancellation besides leaving a gaping void of self-pity and sadness in my heart?


Considering that CS started asking about the value of an order in their ticket form, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they’d take into account the value of an order when cancelling as well :confused: (thinking of a buyer who purchased a $400 gig via 80 multiples by mistake)

All I know is that every cancellation counts, both in terms of ranking and in terms of profile percentages. The degree at which it has an impact based on value is unknown and I doubt Fiverr would disclose such info.


Dammit alllllllllll…anyone else has any idea?


Yeah, that has an effect on your account. As you can see from the Analytics page, the total cancellation amount is mentioned, not the number of cancellations. That’s why you should have a good talk with anyone who makes a big order, so that there is no confusion.


That’s the thing, I DID! It’s an old buyer but he sent images of the products that had the info I need on them. Now there’s only one problem - their resolution is 293 x 144 which means I have to be Ant-man to read what’s written on them. I messaged them multiple times but they haven’t been online for like three days now. The order was due yesterday so had to initiate a cancellation today.


Hey, why did you initiate the “Delivery Extension”? That’s the best option.


I would but the buyer isn’t responding. The last time I checked the buyer had to approve it for which they need to respond.


Have you tried using text recognition software on them? If it works you could then just increase the font size.
I have done it a number of times with illegible images.


Naturally, that’s the first thing I did but the text is far too congested for any OCR to work.

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Then before cancelling, I would try sending an inbox message to the buyer, rather than in the order page.
For some reason, it seems to get people to respond when I use it. Try all you can to avoid cancelling for your rating’s sake as well as the relationship you have with the buyer.


Again, I’ve done everything anyone can think off. I even delivered one that I barely managed to put one together (still needs some work) by squinting my eyes to make out the details for hours but they didn’t respond so I had to initiate a cancellation. The only option I have now is to either deliver the one out of five or to let it cancel. Should I just deliver the one and let the buyer get back to me when they can?

i say just deliver what you can. then its on them.


I want to be clear - being late is not a good idea - however:
If I have a choice between being late or cancelling, I go with being late even if it is the buyer’s fault.
I would not deliver such a small part of it. Instead, when they do eventually respond to you, request additional time to cover the late days and what you need to actually complete it. Remember that the additional time runs from WHEN THE ORDER WAS ORIGINALLY DUE not when they accept the extension.


I get what you mean. I don’t mean to brag but I’m over 900 orders without a single late delivery…I really don’t wanna start now. What’s the risk I face if I deliver the one I’ve done?
I think I should add that this is the second time the buyer is buying from me.

It’s commendable but being late is a Fiverr stat - good customer service is more important. As a buyer, I would be irritated if someone just cancelled an order to save their precious 100% record! I’d prefer them to take the most rational approach which is to do what they can and then wait til the solution is possible.

Well said, how about I cancel the cancellation and reinitiate a cancellation? I know for a fact that if I let this order be lqte then the next time I’ll be more inclined to let the krder be late.

What’s the risk of delivering the file? Is this a situation I can talk to CS about? Can I ask CS to cancel the order without effecting my gig?

A $100 order I cancelled effected my gig badly. I don’t get orders after I cancelled it. $5 does not effect much according to my experience.

I would go with an extension request instead but there is the risk they could reject it and do a late cancellation which gives you the dreaded review.
On this one I would say make your own mind up because I don’t want to advise on something which could blow up if your buyer is annoying/doesn’t realize the consequences.

If the file is a very small part of the order then you are risking a bad review and a complaint to CS.
The question could also be asked as to why/how you could work with one but not the other files so I would be careful about producing that.

Can I contact customer support to cancel it without negativity effecting my gig?

Thats up to CS, not sure if it will affect the gig but I presume it would.