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5 order In 1 month. How can I get more?


Its been a month since i joined Fiverr. I had completed 5 order so far. But I just want some advice of how can i get more order and what is the efficient way to make my gig viral? Thank you.


5 orders in the first month isn’t too bad considering you just joined.


You can promote your gig to social site to bring more potential buyers to your gig…


You definitely have artistic talent, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with your abilities. The description for your gig does have some grammatical flaws. This might make users think that it would be difficult to communicate with you during the buying process. You might want to consider having someone proofread or rewrite it for you.


Hey, I just started selling about a month ago and have only 3 orders so you aren’t doing THAT bad.


well you have pretty nice gigs. All you you have to do is that give more details in gig’s description and I hope you are good 2 Go!


Thanks guys. All of your comment really helpful for me.


You could try to play with the keywords, that is one of the most important thing.Second make sure you are in a correct category.Third is by driving traffic to your site. Fourth, connect to social network. And fifth make a blog about what you do.Hope it will helps.


Some really awesome tips here, thanks everyone!! Would anyone take a look at my gigs and give some feedback? please message me…


Reply to @princeofperlu: Thanks man. :slight_smile:


Reply to @redragontatu: oh well … luckily for me then in my line of work the client’s only prime concern is how quickly can i relieve them of there bugga boo’s !!! if not … i would be burnt toast lol ?


Reply to @username_: Hi there , im loving the sound of your last gig !!! i have booked marked it and when i finally get round to making a Youtube vid i will order from you most def .


Hi everyone i have joined fiverr ago 2 days and i have done 1 order but i want more please tell me anyone how can i get more order…


well one of the best ways to get your product advertised is to share it on social networking. I can sell you 2000 real twitter followers to get you started, not only will you have the attention from those 2000 but also you looking more popular will attract more and more customers to buy your product not only will this boost your sales but it will also keep you in the game with other people selling similar products.

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The link to start your promotion is:


I am sure this gig will help you