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5 Powerful Tweaks to Increase your First Week Fiverr Sales

  1. Have a Concise Profile Description. 5 - 7 sentences talking less than 20 secs of read time. Buyers are skimming through many Seller profile to find the right Seller. They do not have time to go through everything what you have to say. You have a long story to tell and they are out of your shop in 20 seconds.

  2. Upload a genuine profile picture. Preferably your own. This makes the Buyer more comfortable psychologically knowing that they dealing with a real person.

  3. Remain Online and make yourself available when the Buyer inquiry arrives, If you are too late to respond and the Buyer has already found another seller.

  4. Avoid asking too many questions on the first inquiry from the Buyer. The Buyer thinks, it is only going to get more complicated. Try and understand what the Buyer needs in concise and sign them up. After signing up the Buyers are more relaxed to explain the details with you.

  5. Mis-matched Package Up-selling . Avoid displaying 5USD on the window to lure in Shoppers, later the Buyers finds out the actual gig is priced at 100USD. Buyers are looking for services they can afford to spend. This is an absolute turn off and creates bounces in the Fiverr Analytics Algorithm that will effect your rankings in the long run.

Follow the above 5 powerful tweaks and watch the orders coming through much easily.


I am a constant buyer on the Fiverr Platform and I know What a Buyer is looking for.

This gives an opportunity for our new Sellers to see things from the buyers shoes.


I presume they are speaking from a buyer’s perspective in terms of what will attract them to buy.

Edit: I presumed correctly


How would a buyer know what they find attracts or puts them off a gig?


With respect, I think that’s the point! :slightly_smiling_face:

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But isnt that what anything we say is?
I cant guarantee that the methods I use are the reason I get sales - people just might like pictures of people with dogs.

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Can you categorically state that being online or not would have led to an increase or decrease in the sales you achieved? If not, then whether or not staying online helps can only be an opinion. Your experience may be that it did not seem to make a difference based on the fact you still got sales but yet a buyer states that he might have not bought from someone because they were not online.
Both are valid opinions based on experiences but neither gives a definitive answer one way or the other.


A number of things look mismatched here, starting from the title.
I could understand if the title was “Things that I like to see as a buyer”.
Also, I’m wondering what may happen after “the first week”.
Do the tips expire?

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“First WEEK Fiverr Sales”, that was the focus here. New sellers might find it difficult to get the initial momentum going. After a few ratings on the profile, The market dynamics of demand and supply will decide their sales performance.

I guess many of the points you mentioned will benefit already established sellers.

You could probably share some of your own experience on a new Title “5 Powerful Tweaks to Increase your sales from the Second Week” :wink:

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We are probably going through semantics here but there are various reasons why that could happen, just one of which is being offline, just some of which are:

  • number of sellers demoted led to your gig being more highly regarded by buyers
  • your gig(s) getting more exposure due to higher search position
  • your gigs beginning to show well for keywords you did not expect
  • a sudden uptick in the global demand for your services due to a news story or some other event
  • price changes you made appealing to a different market segment than before.

Edit: and you removed your posts…


It’s annoying to read a thread where half the answers have been removed. Unless it was something offensive, keep it and add EDIT where needed.


I noticed the deleted posts, too. I don’t quite understand what happened here. :thinking:
@misscrystal I didn’t click on the :pencil: to read what you wrote. Still kinda sleepy :zzz:
Let your voice be heard!

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Thanks a lot for giving some helpful tips

Thanks so much for these tips, very helpful.