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5 Quick Tips for Tags

  • We all get a max of 5 tags to use per gig, right from the start, if new seller or TRS, make good use of it, every bit you do that others don´t do, will help you.
    If you think 2 tags describe your service perfectly and everyone would type in either of those two, or both, great; if not, again, you got 5! tags to catch words or combinations of words people type in the search bar.

  • Think like a buyer: what would you search for if you were looking for the service your gig offers?

  • Ask random people (who are not used to the “insider slang” you and people in your category use) - family, friends, your favourite coffeeshop barista: What would you type into the search bar if you were looking for… ? Try the ones you hear most often.

  • Find and ask some people who actually buy the service you offer for the terms they do/would type in.

  • Depending on how adventurous you are, reserve up to 4 tags for the search terms that most people would use, use the rest for more “niche-y” terms which make you think “OH! YES! THAT! There surely are people who are looking for that but no/few sellers have that tag!” Keep the most popular search terms, play around with the rest, i.e. if one doesn´t seem to work, try another one.
    (Take note that your gig disappears from search for a while when you edit it though, Fiverr staff needs to check gigs when you edit them, to make sure they are not against the infamous ToS (Terms of Service), so you might not want to edit too often, or do it when you could need a break and less orders anyway, ideally. When you´ve edited your gig, give it some time, if you´re lucky, it will be back up in just a couple hours, but if not, I´d give it up to 48 hours, if it´s not back by then, you may want to contact Customer Support.)

If you’re reading this, you´re probably new here – welcome to the forum and good luck on your Fiverr journey! :four_leaf_clover:


Very Helpful post. Much appreciate your thoughts. I have shared this on my social media. I think you are awesome and peoples have right to know you. Thanks


very nice post dear . you are nice dear i think you are awesome and peoples have right to know you very well


Thank you two. I don´t really care much for being known actually, though. If my post helps a few fellow Fiverr sellers with setting up the right search tags and getting more orders, that´s more than enough and all I intended.


You might find this useful:


Two dears in succession. We should call that double-dearing.

Cool post, Miiila. I’ll admit it, tags are one aspect of selling I’ve never paid much attention to in the past.


I´ll come back to read this thread on the 14th if I won´t get any :love_letter:.

I´ll admit I started an excel sheet once to track my tag changings and the possibly ascribable results. It… must be… some… where.


Were the differences that noticeable?

P.s. If you don’t get V-day cards, I’ll personally come to Germany and lecture the boys and girls there!


They used to be, but then Search took an arrow to the knee.

I can´t really do lots of tests, for some reason, my gigs tend to disappear for several days after an edit; the last time, my main and only active gig was gone for 7 full days, then I finally contacted CS, so, I don´t like to edit too often, because I don´t like writing tickets.

I do put some thought into the search tags when I set up new gigs or edit gigs though, and it´s certainly a good idea to experiment when you think you´re not getting enough orders. If you do get enough orders, your tags probably are fine as they are and can be left alone. For some gigs, there´s only so many tags that make sense, too. :slight_smile:


Yeah, This is useful tips. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing. I should follow these tips


I like this tip! Never thought of that one. Thanks :grinning:


It is really helpful information for the seller…


Thank you so much for the information. I am new here well been a week almost now. I had no idea that the gig gets disappeared when edited. I have been having falling impressions so I kept on making changes to my gig and wondering why my gig is not on search pages.
But thanks to you I will be patient and wait for 2 days atleast to make any further changes to it.


It´s a good idea to “collect” changes you´d like to make in a Word file or something, and edit several things at once to not have your gig gone from search too often, ideally make edits when you know you´ll be busy enough without new orders anyway (since you say you´re only here since a week, that´s probably not a “problem” you have, yet, I hope you will soon :wink: :four_leaf_clover: ).

And do a double or triple check when you edit to make sure that no new typos have sneaked in, so you won´t have to edit again when your gig finally is back and you notice it.

The last time I edited a gig, it was gone from search for a whopping 7 days, then I contacted support and they took care of it, so I wouldn´t recommend waiting that long, I just did because I was busy anyway, but after 7 days, I figured it would never come back by itself.

Usually people say it takes up to 48 hours but I don´t think there´s an “official time” stated anywhere. I think after 2 or 3 days it´s perfectly fine to ask support about your gig being gone. It used to be faster for me, but I´ve had gigs taking 4-5 days before being back after even minor edits several times.

Probably it depends on how busy the editorial team is, and patience is a virtue, but also, there´s the possibility of a bug, so don´t be too patient. :wink:


Outstanding .Really great helpful


and think simply as real life when we buy something from a shop how we want our products…


Thanks for these tips. I will be implementing them when I come up with my tags.
Currently for my Custom Art services where “I draw anything you need”, I have the following tags:

  • art
  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • comissions
  • custom art

Wondering if there’s any I overlooked or any weak ones I could change to improve my chances of being found. Should I add my business’ name as a tag in case buyers from other places are looking for my work?

Thanks for your input.
With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


Can edit gig which is already posted on profile.


Hi Antionio.

The tags sound good to me, but I don´t know what search terms most people who buy such services would use.
“Custom art”, “custom drawing”, “custom illustration” would probably be what I´d use myself.

You could check what gigs appear for the tags you want to/use. I´ve typed “custom art” into search, I got only 3 pages of results, so that seems a good tag in regards to not having too much competition.

You´re talking about a new gig? Because if you´re talking about your “I will draw anything you want” gig, it´s not appearing for “custom art”.