5 SEO Tips to Help You Improve Your Gig Traffic


5 SEO Tips to Help You Improve Your Gig Traffic
When talking about SEO it’s all about choosing the right keywords.

  1. Think about the keywords people use to search for your service.
  2. Use your keyword, where relevant, in the title of your gig.
  3. Your keyword should appear 2-3 times in your gig description. At the beginning, at the end and in the body of your text.
  4. Make sure relevant keywords are in your Gig tags.
  5. Video & image files you upload should be descriptive and contain your keyword.
    Things to Avoid:
    *Flooding your text with keywords can have a negative impact.
    *Using keywords that are not relevant to your gig.
    To get keyword ideas, do a search for a service like yours, on any search engine. You can also check out similar gigs on Fiverr with the following Google query:
    inurl:yourkeywordhere site:fiverr.com
    Let’s take the keyword “caricature” as an example. ( inurl:caricature site:fiverr.com )
    From this search result (see screenshot), you can see how the sellers ranking for this keyword have optimized their gigs.

How can i promote my #fiverr gig best way?
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go to google -> type a keyword, internet research for example
go to the bottom of the google result page and you will get words similar to the keyword you entered , in this case the words are
internet research jobs
internet research skills
internet research tips
internet research methods
internet research jobs from home
internet research software
internet research specialist
internet research service


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Hi, It is a very useful tip to improve the Gig traffic, the points you listed for to “Do and Avoid” are very right. While many of them are doing the same mistakes, but it will be a useful one for all and especially for a newbie.

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I like social media promotion for more gig sales.


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Op what kind of keywords are the best: long tail or short tail keywords?


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Short tail keywords are search phrases with only one or words. Their length makes them less specific than searches with more words.