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5 simple tips for creating a perfect gig video


“Adding a video of you presenting your Gig is guaranteed to boost your sales”

Fiverr instruct us that adding a video will boost sales. That is great, but what if you have a non-tech gig and the thought of recording a video horrifies you? Fear not, follow the steps below and you can create a knockout video with ease.

Get set up with FREE screencast software only

Use FREE screencast software to record you gig - If you use Mac try Quickcast, which is a 100% free and simple to use software. Get it from the App Store.

If you use windows try searching 'alternatives to Quickcast"

Video Production Tips

You must always write a script for yourself. If you are not appearing in the video then you can read it, if you choose to open the camera then you best learn your lines by rote.

Close the window or turn off a fan, radio etc to kill background noise.

If you’re happy to show your face choose a small window to appear in the corner of the video. The screen should dominate and show your gig.

When the camera starts rolling:

  1. Greeting. “Hello and welcome to the ultimate proofing gig on Fiverr”

  2. Explain what your gig offers. “Get 1000 words proofed and edited for only $5”

  3. Miscellaneous information about your gig. “This gig is great for…”

  4. Include the sentence, “Exclusively on Fiverr”

  5. Call to action. “Order today and have perfect document tomorrow…”

The goal is to write between 5 - 10 sentences. You have up to 1 minute of record time. Personally I aim for 45 seconds. Be brutal in your editing, only include information pertinent to your gig.

Taking the time to script and record a video is guaranteed to boost your sales, what are you waiting for?


thank you for the tips, i will give a try.