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5 Star downgraded!

It is really difficult to believe that only one client can downgrade your 5 star rating what the Heck!! have over 50 gigs one bad rating and Boom!!..And to think Fiverr recently revamp the site and did modifications! makes me wonder in what context they considered the sellers, ratings should be done on a percentage basis or a 1 out of 20 something similar…to think 1 miserable customer who wanted a brightly colorful black and white design could degrade my 5 star rating! I would personally pay the person who can do colorful black and white myself!..


Wow. Another seller from Barbados! Small world.

The way it works, I think, is that your overall rating is subject to change based on the number of orders you complete every 60 days, which may explain your downgrade.

I couldn’t tell you what the buyer meant by a ‘brightly colorful black and white design,’ however.

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Your profile shows 30 reviews, but you say that it’s your only negative out of 51?

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Maybe she was referring to the total number of orders.

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The 60 day rating must be based on total number of reviews, not total number of orders.


yes, not all shoppers leaves reviews, some finally gives a review when they return for another gig or such. no prob…and yes @franklegacy I was referring to the total number of orders. thanks

Is the rating based on the 60 day average? Or overall average?

It would suck if it was the 60 day average… you get 10 reviews in 60 days and one review is a 1*, that instantly drops you to 4.5*. VS total reviews of 100 and you get one 1* review it drops it down to ~4.95*.

Is my math right there?

1/10 is 0.1 * 5 stars is 0.5 so subtract that from 5 and you get 4.5*.
1/100 is 0.01 * 5 stars is 0.05 so subtract that from 5 and you get 4.95*.

Thank you for the clarification!