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5-Star Rate Me or I Dump You Before You Mess Up My Ranking!

Unfortunately, it’s all about the ratings for FIVERR’s (which is crap). I had people demanding 5 stars so they could progress through the rating ranks but the quality of work was poor at best or, they wanted to do revisions until death do us part. I’m a busy business person and I don’t have time to correct book reports. If I’m throwing money at it - it needs to be right coming out of the gate. I understand the learning curve for my subject matter but I don’t have time to babysit! I had one high ranking FIVERR that refused service of my project for some unknown reason. Based on their advertisement, I required excellence and timeliness and they rudely asked me if I was difficult to please. They wanted to charge me through the nose for work that I had not experienced previously (at the rate of $45 for 500 words). Their fear of a tainted 5-star ranking caused them to lose out on a possible long term writing assignment.

FIVERR, your rating/ranking system creates unrealistic expectations.

“$45 for 500 words”…

Wow…not that I care about the money, but here I am with 1998 positive reviews, 3 negative reviews in 2 years on Fiverr, 2600 orders completed in all and I charge $5 for 700 words. But at least I don’t have a problem with unhappy buyers as I overdeliver all the time. So even my delivery time of 14-15 days gets tolerated…LOL.

I’ll hire you, when I need content written :slight_smile:

LOL, thanks sis.

I charge $75 for 500 words. Cheapos. :wink: