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5-star rating for 4 years, one 3.7-star review and getting demoted - help!

This is parts rant, parts me crying out for help from fellow freelancers. I was off Fiverr for a few months and just came back 2 days ago. Lots of things changing around here, including the new monthly evaluations. Given that I haven’t completed any orders over the past 60 days (being on vacation mode and dealing with personal health issues), all my metrics are back to 0, so when the first evaluation rolled by, I was demoted from TRS to Level 2. Fair enough, I wasn’t active on Fiverr.

Of course, I decided to return two days before the February evaluation - tough luck. While I’m building back my client list and growing my impressions, I managed to secure one buyer. Unfortunately, he turned out to be rather nightmarish. Three revisions (for free, with unclear guidelines on his behalf - only that the content ‘must go viral’), several free extras later and tons of communication on my part, he left me with a 3.7-star review.

Over the past four years, I’ve managed to keep my rating between 4.95 and 5 stars. But my analytics now show that my rating for February is 3.7 so I’m going to be demoted to Level 1… There’s no way I can secure, complete and have buyers rate more orders today so it looks like I have no fighting chance.

It feels frustrating that my overall 5-star rating is completely ignored, but a single order from an unreasonable buyer will determine my entire level for the next month. Anything I can do to extend the evaluation period or fix this so I don’t get demoted again? Any advice is appreciated!


It’s such a hurting thing. But Sorry to say that no one can help you here here on forum as we’re also Sellers and Buyers like you. You should contact Customer Support, maybe they can help you. However, Being on vacation mode, the account status is termed as off.

I am trying to understand why this is Fiverr’s fault? I understand that it can be frustrating, but you admit that you were gone for a few months, and when you came back, only allowed yourself 2 days to get orders and reviews. This is not unreasonable at all on the part of Fiverr from what I can tell. Sucks that you had a nasty buyer though.

You will most likely get demoted to a Level 1. So I suggest you work hard, and within 30 days, you should be back up to a Level 2.


I agree with lucycodex.
You already have a lot of reviews ( most of them are really good too) and even though you might get demoted, you still have a badge.
I believe you are at a point where once you get the ball rolling again, you’ll get back to level 2 pretty quickly.

I guess you can try contacting CS and let them know about your situation??
I get the feeling you’ll get a “sorry but nothing can be done” reply, but it won’t hurt
to try.


It’s so unfortunate that you’ll get demoted cause of one difficult buyer. Also, it’s too late to rectify the situation. I would suggest you let it go and work your way up again following the inevitable demotion. All the best.

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I think this needs to be corrected by fiverr. Four years of hard work and achieving TRS should not go down the drain and put you back at the bottom because you took off for a few months. Taking time off should not be a reason for demotion.

It looks like we need to make sure to return to fiverr after the evaluations have just been done.


I highly recommend you reply to the buyer’s review.

As someone who buys tons of articles, as matter of fact, I bought four this week alone with over two dozen this year; your return review matters a great deal.

When I read that review, I would stay away from you because I expect perfection in grammar from an article writer. Also, the buyer mentioned two other things that would make me skip you.

If you can justify what happened with a professional rebuttal, people like me are willing to overlook it but right now it’s just her point of view.


For me, the rate of the stars must reset every 60 days.

Imagine if every woman going back to work after maternity leave was demoted or fired?

But she’ll never be TRS again, she might get nominated for TRS but she won’t get it. The system isn’t working. Editors choose who to promote to TRS, but not whom to demote from TRS.

Once you become TRS, you should stay TRS, and if you’re going to be demoted there should be warnings, an appeal process, etc.


This isn’t maternity leave. It isn’t even sick leave. We also aren’t employees of Fiverr, so your false equivalence does not work here.

I also find the comparison to be a little bit offensive. As if it is being used as ammunition in an argument, as something that women don’t even have a right to in the US should not be used as a way of winning points in a petty debate.

Also, let me also state this.

Running a Fiverr account is like running a social media account. Let’s say that YouTube had tiers, and depending on many factors, those tiers made you Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Let’s say you are Gold status. Then go on vacation for several months.

Once you get back, you will have fewer subscribers, far fewer views on your content, the algorithm would have changed, and because of that, they bump you down to Silver status.

Why should anyone hold a status when they are not even there? How would humans evaluating levels make them inherently better, and not inherently worse? Like if editors banded together every month to see who they want to keep and who they want to let go of for TRS?

Is the system perfect? Far from it. But everyone knows where the line is drawn when it comes to levels. Fiverr doesn’t hide it.

Just because we’re independent contractors doesn’t mean our hard-reached TRS should be taken away on a whim. In this situation, a 4-year TRS was punished for one 3.7 review, absolutely ridiculous.

The system isn’t working! I’m living proof that demotion hurts Fiverr. If I make less money because I was demoted, Fiverr makes less money. Fiverr is the only company in the world where making less money is a good thing.

I don’t see the relation. I have never used social media to promote my gigs, I have never done YouTube videos for self-promotion, and while many clients have saved my gigs, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll order again or ever. People save gigs and forget to order all the time.

The editors obviously get together to choose who gets to be TRS. So why not do the same for demotions?

Old thread, repetitive complaints.