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5 star rating to permanent 4.9. Why?

So I had a buyer who rated “would recommend” 3 stars on the 10th.

When I screen shot his review and sent it to him and asked the reason. This was his response:

"o no I am very satisfied

I just don`t have anyone to recommend the service to

I didn`t really understand the star rating can I still change it for you?

this is my first fiver experience"

I contacted fiverr support and found out the only way to fix this is to get the buyer to message them. They provided me with a link for the buyer but the link wasn’t working.

After that, I sent the fiverr support email address to him. But now I only have 3 days before this becomes permanent and the buyer is yet to come online.

I keep getting that the star rating is a reflection of buyers experience here on fiverr. But everyones experience here is different.

Sellers are here working hard every day and it is unfortunate to have 1 passing buyer affect our record permanently.


Leave it be and move on. This is one of the things we have discussed here on the forum: consistent responses from CS. It’s still a good rating and is better than not getting a rating at all.

As long as the buyer is satisfied with the work that’s all that matters. If you keep pushing the issue you will get into trouble for rating manipulation.


I encountered a similar situation where the buyer was completely satisfied with the work, but left a rating of 3.7, and when I asked him why, he replied: “Oh nothing was wrong in particular, just give an honest assessment. I am satisfied with the work.” Me: “o_O”
So don’t worry, this happens, some people take the rating system too literally :slight_smile:


I always strive to deliver the best service and finished work. I bend backwards and go above and beyond. If I was rated down for not trying hard enough then I would understand. But this buyer had no clue what he was doing because it was his first time. He didn’t even understand what the rating was about based on his response. On top of it all he was willing to contact support to fix it. I dont see why I should just let it be when it’s not my fault and the rating isn’t even a true reflection of the buyers experience.

If I were the buyer in question and you would have done it to me I’d be extremely uncomfortable.

Asking how you could improve your services to get 5 stars next time would be a grey area, but even then is advised against due to possibility of getting a warning, but sending a screenshot and confronting your buyer is downright wrong.


How is it wrong? I did not understand why I got a low rating. So asked for improvement reasons. I wasn’t being confrontational. Isn’t the buyer able to see the same rating without my screen? The response shows the buyer wasn’t offended.

There have been many posts on the forum where sellers have complained about getting a warning because they asked about a review.

Best to leave this and move on as others have suggested.


To be honest as a buyer I would’ve felt pretty uncomfortable if my seller would’ve gone back to me asking what’s wrong. I would’ve never felt comfortable to leave any ratings on fiverr anymore.
It is not confrontational to you but it is pretty uncomfortable explaining what was wrong and that’s why “review” is there and everything I wanted to write I would’ve wrote there and I wouldn’t want to explain my decisions to a seller.

Or for “buy again or recommend” a lot of us got lower stars there just because people didn’t have anyone to recommend our services to and just simply put less stars because of that. A lot of people complained and it’s still not changed.

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