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5 star review from my first order :)


Hello people!

Just wanted to share with you guys that I just finished my first order here on Fiverr and I am pleased to say that the customer was very happy witht he result and left a very nice 5 star review :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that it is very hard for people to get their first order as they have a ‘new user’ account which makes it difficult to compete against more established sellers, so I am grateful that there are buyers out there willing to take a chance on new users :+1:


Congratulations. You are on your way. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats to you too! It’s a wonderful review.

I like your art :slight_smile:

I am grateful too that there are buyers who are willing to give new sellers opportunities. Everyone starts from nothing.


:heart_eyes: Congratulations!!! well done keep it up




Congregations @nyle_Levi! How many days did it take you to receive your first order?


Thank you everyone! :smile:

writerjohn100 - I think it took nearly two weeks to get my first order


That’s great to hear. Thanks