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5 Star Review Removed - How?

I had a 5 star review from a buyer about 2 months ago. The gig was complete however they didn’t have hosting for the site. I said I would deploy their website on their host when they’ve arranged it. My gig didn’t offer this and I offered it to the seller for free. Now after all this time they messaged me saying they’ve got their hosting. However I noticed their review has gone from my profile.

Has the Buyer requested to remove it? I didn’t know this was possible. Also is there another possible reason like they are trying to chargeback the order and scam me? Can they leave another review now after all this time? To be honest if they removed the review for whatever reason ( I cant see why, our convo history shows everything is great) then I don’t want to do them any favors and upload their site. They have the websites files.

Has anyone experienced this before?


It’s possible, however, if they did it, they’d probably have to convince Customer Support that you haven’t delivered what was promised, and in that case, CS would have refunded them, too.

A chargeback wouldn’t remove the review.

No, they only have 10 days to leave a review.

When did this happen? Their review disappearing could be a random glitch. Also, did they get their funds back? Have you checked if you were suddenly short for whatever amount they paid you?


No funds have been removed from my account. Just the review has gone. I haven’t recieved any notification from Fiverr or anything about it. I’ve contacted them but no reply yet.

It happened today, just one day after the buyer messaged me asking if I could upload the site. Which I agreed to. Seems a bit strange so wondering what could happen next

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It does seem a bit strange, but it could be just a glitch. I haven’t heard of something like that happening before. I hope that CS can find out what happened (they might take 24-48 hours to respond).


Do you still see the review on your profile ? If you don’t see it on the gig ? Did you remove the gig that was for this review? If yes that might be the reason

No it was deleted from the whole profile.

FYI customer support come back with this.

Hey there :wave:

I appreciate you reaching out to us.

The Feedback was reviewed by Support upon request and was removed. Due to our Privacy Policy, I am unable to go into details.

So a good review can be removed so easily, doubt this can be done with a bad one! The buyer continues to message me like nothing happened though so no idea what they’re planning to do next. I’ve asked CS for clarification on whether a new one can be added by the buyer. If so it’s shocking because it means a buyer can go back and change it at anytime.

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Really ? I had no idea it’s possible, thanks for letting us know

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Sometimes it can, if the review violates the ToS.

Only if there’s a glitch. Normally, reviews can be left up to 10 days after the order was marked as complete, and that’s it. After that, no reviews can be left.