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5 Star Review: the Write Ups (Tips for New Buyers)


A twitter feed quote: “Feed an Author, Leave a Review!”

Simple, to the point and so true. All self-published new writers need good reviews to help them in the rating system, in order to appear at top of the search in the “Jungle.” It is one of the most difficult things to get.

I signed up on Fiverr over a year ago and really started buying heavily since August of 2016. I’ve made mistakes (still do) and learned quite a bit about how this particular platform works.

As much as I crave getting reviews for my books, the new (and seasoned) sellers on Fiverr crave getting a great review for their gig(s). There are countless tips on how to get that first client along with “Over Deliver!” as the main tip for new sellers.

(With no scientific fact to back me up.) I have read sellers that mention that only 60 to 70 percent (if that) of buyers leave reviews.

For new sellers, that critical first review is so important. The chances are they slaved hours over a measly $5 or $10 gig – not for the money – but in hopes of getting a great review. If you leave none, that’s rather heartbreaking. (I know so, because I have given away hundreds of eBooks (promo) for the same reason.) So, as a new or somewhat new buyer, if you had an exceptionally great experience – my tip to you is this: please take the time to give a great write up!

Once you accept delivery, there is an option to rank 1 to 5 stars in Communication, Service & Recommendation. Marking 5 stars takes two seconds, one, if you are fast, if you leave no comment, the computer will automatically generate “Outstanding Experience” as the comment.

Outstanding Experience is better than nothing, however, as a buyer, when I am looking at a seller’s profile; because there are so many of those, it holds very little meaning. Take care of that guy or gal who just spent hours to give you something that you would have paid 10, 20 or 30 times more elsewhere by giving them a great write-up. It takes one minute.

The main key words that I seem to focus on (I have a feeling, your subconscious mind does the same thing) are things like:

  • Highly Recommended
  • Will Buy Again
  • I am a Repeat Customer
  • Can’t wait to work with him/her again

You can get innovative with creative words that get people’s attention like:

  • I wish I could give 10 stars, if I could or Deserving of 10 stars
  • Use quotation, exclamation points: “WOW!”
  • Enclose it in stars: ** I am a Repeat Buyer **

Here are a few examples (You can talk about what they did or delivered, takes about two minutes):

  • A talented and innovative graphic artist with an eye for what makes my eBook cover shine. I gave him a few stock photos and the title. He gave me back a real work of art! ** Worthy of 10 stars ** Will be working with him again in the future.

  • Another hidden gem found on Fiverr. A top professional with an eye for perfection. She caught mistakes others had missed. She added the action behind every scene. This is truly an exceptional high quality book editor. * I will definitely use her again *

If you only have one minutes (or don’t want to talk about the product – for various reasons) You can be somewhat vague and still give a good review:

  • Outstanding communication, exceptional professionalism and final product is just “WOW!” # BTW, I am a repeat customer! # (The Repeat Customer is what grabs people’s attention)

  • Top Rated Seller for a reason! He delivered exactly what he promised with a hidden surprise. I am thrilled at the final result. * Highly Recommended! * Looking forward to our next dealing.

You do not have to leave a written review every single time. The mere fact you are a repeat customer speaks volume. The occasional 5 star, Outstanding Experience is okay too.

If you are a new buyer or a seasoned buyer and have tips on what caught your attention to a particular seller, feel free to post. If you had a great experience with a newbie seller – tell us about it. What did he/she do that made it so and what did you do for them to return the favor. (I recommend you not post user names but keep it generic.)

By the way, I would appreciate keeping this particular thread to ++ Positive ++ experience only with tips to help out new buyers. If you have a need to vent about something negative, there is a “Ranting Pot” section with hundreds of threads that buyers and sellers go to complain.


Good Job Acknowledgement
Buyers leave feedback for your sellers

Really great post. To a new/nearly new seller, a nicely written 5 star review is much more valuable than a tip! I still appreciate when a buyer takes the time to write something about their experience and as a buyer I know that I certainly pay more attention to gigs with specific review comments.



As a seller I’m always highly appreciative of buyers who take the time to write down their appreciation in a review. Even some buyers that have been around for a while could benefit from this post.


Nice to read a thread like this on the first day of this year. Indeed a review, especially with a more personal note than the ‘Outstanding Experience’ will be highly appreciated by your seller, and may I add that it’s beneficial for buyers too - more good reviews for good sellers mean more good sellers will stay on fiverr, plus if a seller has to choose between accepting your job or that of someone else, or if they want to pick up your job at all when they already have enough work, having left them a nice review the last time might be the factor for a yes. :slight_smile:
On a side note, I left good reviews on a few eBooks I bought lately, working as a seller on fiverr made me more aware of ‘the importance of being a reviewer’. :wink:

Happy New Year, everyone, and lots of positive experiences as buyers and sellers! :fireworks:


Great points…for new seller also othres a good written 5 star review is much valuable.
As a seller i try to give me best and then my buyer happy and give me 5 start .this is important but if i get 4 start review and $50 tips .this is not valuable for me.
Great experience as a seller and buyer .
Thanks all .
Happy New Year to All


@miiila: That is awesome! The author, I promise you, was ecstatic! Just getting one book review (especially an unknown, self-published author) was the highlight of his or her day!

Also, I forgot to point out something important in my earlier post. Unlike many platforms, giving your seller anything less than 5 stars in each category can hurt them. You may be well intentioned by giving 4 stars and making a comment such as “I don’t believe in giving 5 stars. My seller did an awesome job. I even tipped her/him.”

Just as pointed out by @eoinfinnegan & @sultansls, they would prefer the 5 stars vice the gratuity. If a brand new seller falls under certain % (I don’t know what that is, perhaps one of the savvy seller’s can point that out); the seller won’t be able to bid on what is called Buyer’s Request (which is sort of like an auction to bid for work). This will have a long term effect and hurt their chances of ever succeeding.

  • Far as gratuity is concerned, that is a completely different subject. I think it’s nice if you can afford to reward your best sellers for doing an exceptional job and I believe it makes them feel appreciated. I used to be a waitress - where my paycheck depended on tips more than the salary paid by my employer.

  • That is completely optional. If you really want to help & if your seller has a gratuity gig (many do not, but a few still do), it would be beneficial if you tipped them on the gratuity gig vice at the end of the regular order. If they are a brand new seller - you get to leave them another review and it would cost you the same in transaction fee. :wink:


Oh, I’ve seen ‘tip gigs’ on some sellers’ profiles, I thought it was an idea to give a buyer the opportunity to tip as an afterthought lol didn´t even realize that as a gig it would come with the option to leave another review.
This is really a comprehensive ‘guide’ for reviewing, nice to see it got pinned. :slight_smile:


I personally like this feature. Starting this year, instead of a single $5 to $10 tip at the end of each order, I decided to do one big tip after every 3rd to 4th order for my regular sellers, that is, if they have that feature. As a part time small business owner, it saves me money.


Ah, yes, makes sense. In my ‘day-job’, we had decided to make two bigger donations once a year instead of several small ones over the year, different thing, kind of, but same reason, saves time/money.

For less off-topic-ness…
Since it came up in another thread and might be interesting for sellers - what do you, and other buyers reading this thread, think about this: Do you like it, or find it okay, or don´t like it, when sellers thank you for your tip in their reviews?


@gina_riley2 What an AWESOME post ! Super like for this one :slight_smile: Very uplifting and motivating and for a change very positive one as well :slight_smile: I really wish all buyers were like you, so kind and considerate of sellers efforts. Not saying, they should be fake even with scam sellers but very few really put such thought and time into their reviews like you even when they really are satisfied with your work. I have few repeat buyers who would just give 5 stars which is fine but the ones who leave a review sharing their experience, the feel is different :slight_smile:


I have no feelings towards that. It doesn’t bother me either way.


I understand exactly what you mean.

I started this thread because so many new sellers were asking, “My Buyer hasn’t left me a review, what do I do?” It made me think that even the more seasoned sellers, such as yourself, would appreciate customers who take a minute (Trust me, buyers, that’s all it takes) to write something.

Maybe, just maybe, a new buyer will read this thread and take the time - which could lead to better/longer relationship.


I so appreciate your views @gina_riley2 I always make it a point to reply back with a personal review even to generic "outstanding experience " feedback :slight_smile: You are right, this means a lot, especially for deserving newbies who are trying to build up their reputation. Thanks for being kind and considering me a seasoned seller but to be honest I still consider myself a newbie and personal reviews still mean a lot to me, even much more than tips :slight_smile:


Fantastic. Thank you so much.


More discuss but useful :wink:_


I have been a seller … did ok… was a BUYER this week. Is there a way for me to go in and upgrade my STARS now that our issues were successfully resolved?? THANKS


Here you go. This applies to buyers and sellers.


thanks I learned a lot about this issue. I did resolve my issues with the seller but I also made clear to her that her business communication was just as important as her art work. ART GREAT! Communication not so much. Ho hum. Again, THANKS


Great article! Check this out too