5 star scammers on fiverr


What do i do if i just busted a scammer who got 5 stars? is it legitimate to have such people on Fiverr? Its not okay to steal money from people who got personal problems who seek some guidance? How do i report this ?


I fear we can´t answer the first questions without background information and knowing the story from both sides.
Your last question, however, is easily answered - if you want to report a seller who you think did violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service, just scroll down to the footer on any Fiverr.com page and click “Contact Support”.


Can you explain the reason in details so will tell you the best solution.


How can you check if a fortune teller is legit or not? Seriously, I’d love to know, but as no seller on Fiverr is checked for their ability to be able to do anything when they start it wouldn’t be fair to single them out.

If you spent $5 and didn’t get what you expected, then ask for a refund or chalk it down to experience.


Thank you all for the answers, you all gave me some colors to start a nice business idea here on fiver. HI HI HI :nerd_face::face_with_monocle:


I mean, just as in real life, anyone can indeed call themselves a fortune teller and spew a bunch of random things that people want to hear. There’s even a k-drama about it! :smile:


My fortune question
’Will phantom power become the light at the end of the road?'
The answer
"Be of service to others. Share your good fortune with others and feel how great sharing is."


What happened? :hushed:


Lets test this thing out… Ask a question and I will be your fortune teller.


There are scammers in a lot of other categories too. If you think you have been scammed notify customer support.


You spent $5 on a fortune teller and didn’t like the reading? You have mentioned generalities and not told what happened to you. I know a great one here. You can find good and bad sellers in every category.


So the fortune teller probably saw that but didn’t want to tell you that.
It’s not easy for them when there is something horrible they see happening.

I read a fortune for a friend recently and saw his other friends turning on him and was not sure if I should tell him so I didn’t. Then it happened.
I didn’t want to tell him in advance his friends would turn on him since it was something awful, and just me telling him that could have led to problems for him.


I’m not a psychic or a professional fortune teller.


How on earth can you be blaming the fortune teller in this situation???
It seems that they got everything right except they didn’t see/account for you harassing the girl to the point where she felt she needed to call the police. If anything, you owe that fortune teller a tip and need to apologize to the universe for messing up something that was “supposed to” happen.

For future reference: If someone calls the police to get rid of you, it is something you have done wrong, not someone else’s fault.


People complain about something like this and then when all the facts come out it turns out like this. All the time.


If you are so obnoxious to someone they call the police on you there is nothing that can help that situation since you caused it yourself.
If the fortune teller said you will cause her to call the police on you, that would have made you mad too.


Same happens with SEO and lots of other categories too :wink:

Edit: I actually read this whole thread a couple of times and the last couple of comments at least 5 times because I felt I must be missing something!


That’s why I wanted the whole story. I knew it was like this.


And the question is…why didn’t you stick with them if they were so good?

Why would anyone want to predict their future anyways?


I am definitely not psychic because when I read the OP, I did not see this coming.