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5 Star System is Concerning & I hit first $1000

Well, I was wanting to post with the intention of being happy to join the $1K club but now I had to voice the 5 star. Even my best clients have given me less than 5 stars now, not because they thought the services was less than superb, but because their perception of 5 star!!! Now the expectations from buyers is a factor in the rating, and not expectations set by seller, this is DANGEROUS! What’s next, a market of subvert reviews to raise your rating on Fiverr the same way that Amazon and other sites are filled with due to 5 star rating system.

This is an absolutely joke, but a great way for Fiverr to devalue a rating by watching an influx of more phoney reviews.

Yay $1000 dollars

Boo 5 Star Rating system.

I hope this is seen as constructive criticism, i love Fiverr, but I think I’m not alone when I say it’s bad. That’s why Fiverr featured a blog about how great it is, because public opinion is out and it’s not good!



Congrats on reaching your first $1000!!! I completely agree with you about this stupid 5 star rating cr*p! Fiverr is trying to be to much like all the other things that are rated with stars! They NEED to go back to the THUMBS up or DOWN because it is much easier all around for everyone! I contacted customer support three days ago about this and they haven’t responded when they say they will within 24 hours! Their ignoring this even though its going to end up hurting them in the long run!

OMG, it happened again.

FIRST OFF, welcome to the 1K club…

Here’s you song…

(Now with 100% more Scootaloo)

However, once again we’ve seen it happen. Someone who posted casually or positively about the ARS has seen it come and bit them in the ARSE!

I hope you’ll post something about this on your original post.

PS As an aside, be cautious about giving up financial data, some people have seen their accounts hacked and robbed. Don’t be a target!

Well, I actually wrote this first after reading everyone’s input and then I was determined to make lemonade! Which is exactly what I plan to do!

Yep, I said as much about you in the other post.

I think you’ve moved to the wrong side of the issue for the wrong reasons. But I don’t begrudge you giving it your best.

As I imagine you actually help I’m successful in resisting this for all of our benefit.


Welcome to the 1k community!

@modelas, your comment about a “fake review” market like on Amazon is spot on. There are already people out there advocating, shall we say, highly unethical behavior on Fiverr, and that was BEFORE the ARS!

One thing everyone should understand is there ARE sellers on Fiverr who are taking advantage of the site to deliver medicore quality work. Their order queues are still full, and faked reviews may be part of the problem. Unfortunately, in trying to take care of this issue Fiverr may end up making it worse.

Basically, if it’s the people with faked reviews that are causing the problem, then switching to a system which encourages faking reviews is a bad idea. It’s a vicious circle, a downward spiral.