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5 stars does not effect rating as much as 1.7 star.Why?


Hi there…I am wondering that so many 5 stars do not improve my rating much but a 1.7 has decreased rating from 99% to 96%…Why???


Dear Anjylina:

That’s just math.

Here’s an example:

You have 4 ratings of 5 stars.

4 x 5 = 20
20 / 4 = 5

Now if your next rating is

1 star
20 + 1 = 21
21 / 5 = 4.2 ==> converted to 100 point scale = 84
drop of 0.8 (or 16 points on a 100 point scale)

5 stars ==> converted to 100 point scale = 100
20 + 1 = 25
25 / 5 = 5 ==> converted to 100 point scale = 100
no change

As you gain more ratings, the cumulative effect of each additional rating is smaller, but lower ratings will always tend to drag you down faster than higher ratings will bring you up.

It’s similar to how, as a child, each day seems to last forever, because at age 10, you have lived @ 3,650 days.

As you age, your bank of days lived increases, so time seems to speed up.

At age 50, you will have lived @ 18,250 days and each day you’ve lived is a much smaller portion of your total life span.

As The Rolling Stones say, “What a drag it is getting old!”

Good luck,


Thank you…Your replies are always meaningful…:+1:


Offtopic, sorry, but because I find the way Blaise replies to posts really nice and meaningful as well and because the bit of offtopic in his reminded me of this, which can be a really good reminder in some situations:

And good luck with increasing your rating again with only 5-star-reviews in 2017, Anjylina!


This is pure genius. Thank you for that, Sir.


If you have a large bowl of healthy cereals and milk and there is a dead fly floating in it, which one of it will occupy a larger space in your mind?


Thanks for best wishing…


I get your point…Thanks