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5 STEPS ON How to Get More Orders and Improve on your Fiverr Account [ARCHIVED]

  1. RESPONSIVENESS: Make sure your responsiveness is within 1 – 2 hours. You can easily do this by making use of fiverr’s android app and connecting your email to your smartphone alert. You’ll always get a “sound” when you have a new message on fiverr. People who come here love to have their questions answered in a jiffy.
    I usually reply within minutes and I even noticed that If I couldn’t reply up to 2 messages with 2 – 3 hours, the system automatically changes my responsiveness to 2 hours, which is not good for business.
  2. GREAT COMMUNICATION SKILLS: You need to learn how to communicate effectively and promptly too.
    Talking to your buyers always about their job orders. If the work is getting stressful and more demanding than a fiverr could afford, Inform your buyer that he may need to add an extra $5 gig when you’re done with the job.
    Most Buyers understand and they always reply in affirmative.
  3. FAST DELIVERY: The longest time it has taken me to deliver a gig was 6 hours out of 24 hours. I know some gigs will take an average of 3-5 days for execution, But you need to understand that when you under-promie and over deliver, you will always make your buyers happy and happy buyers give outstanding reviews and 5 stars ratings.
  4. GIVE DISCOUNTS: If your buyer requires that you allow her a Simple discount because of financial constraints, do it and let the buyer know that you’re doing them a big favor because you know they are now your clients, you have decided to give them the discount for future patronage.
  5. ALWAYS TELL THEM TO LEAVE 5 STARS RATINGS AND A NICE REVIEW OR NOTHING AT ALL: The way this new Fiverr V3 was built makes it easy for any seller to go down the fiverr drain lightening fast!
    Imagine how I got 99% Positive rating through the 4.8 stars left by just one buyer who wanted more than her money could purchase. and I have made over 100 sales and still my Ratings refuse to move back to 100%. ??
    So, I decided to add a little note to all my deliveries afterwards requesting for a 5 star ratings or nothing at all and It has been working for me ever since. ??
    So, with this 5 Steps above, am sure your fiverr account will begin to see a new life… and if you have an account that has become dormant for a long time, check these features above and you’ll realize that they are not available in these accounts.

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