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5 Steps to make 10-20 Sales per day!


About the profile page recommendations: Do you recommend having lots of gigs in various sub-niches to drive more traffic? I’m having trouble making a decent amount of sales though I feel I have good gigs posted in pretty much one category only.

you or anybody mentions use (social network ) to drive traffic to your gigs

outcome results

1:fiverr site gets more traffic from your social network followers

2: your gig’s get higher view count but no sales

3: social network users come visit your gig then they will bounce of looking at the website trying to understand what is all about once they know how it works they will start using the search bar , ignoring you or your gigs.


to get sales

1: unique gig is needed , people ignore duplicated gigs

2: contacting business owers offer them service from craigslist

3: your own website offer the same , u need traffic to make this work , this is what i do i have large volume of traffic to my site

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Reply to @ilovecustomers:

It all depends on how you interact with potential clients on social networks. There is a big difference between posting a gig link and interacting with people in groups etc before you even mention your gig. Timing is also a key factor in promoting