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5 Things I do when my Fiverr sales stop (and three things I'm trying not to do)


Like a few people I’ve seen here, my Fiverr sales hit the wall last week. No idea why, but the only work I’ve done this week is one new project and two revisions for OLD voice overs.

I’m a natural cynic, but I’m trying this whole positive outlook thing. So, a while back I made a list of things to do when business dries up for a week like this.

5 things to do, and 3 to not do, when Fiverr sales stop.

Things to do:

  1. Keep Working
  2. Create at least one new gig, and review at least one existing gig for changes I might need to make
  3. Work on my product (in my case, work on my voice over audio quality, practice reading scripts, listen to old recordings for bad habits I might be developing, etc)
  4. Re-evaluate my business plan and make any needed changes
  5. Read Fiverr Forum for ideas on how to get things moving again

What not to do:

  1. DON’T panic.
    In my first three months I had one order a month. 1 order a week is 4 times better than that, and the one order I did get this week made me 10x more than I made on that first order.

  2. DON’T complain
    I like to complain I admit. But I’m trying to stop. It doesn’t ever really help.

  3. DON’T STOP WORKING! Just because I am not selling at the moment doesn’t mean that I am not building a business.

Hope that helps someone else in the same situation.

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Happy to see you come a long way from when I saw your post on one of my earliest threads @voiceoverphil. Indeed I’m inspired. Let’s see when I can make it to a decent level.


Hi,every well said.thanks for the tips.


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Nice tips! That is the right way to move ahead.


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I liked your suggestions on ‘What not to do’.


really nice post …especially what to do’ 5 and " not to do" 1 and 3


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I totally agree with the 3 points you said not to do… But the 5 thing to do are not understandable to me.
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That was a fantastic post! I am guilty of totally obsessing about my gigs and why I’m not getting sales when things are slower. I really need to print this out and read it everyday! Thank you again.


It is very usefull for a new freelancer.
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This is the main thing I turn to when sales stop. It’s the best resource we could possibly have. Usually I find the answer here when I need some help. People are incredibly helpful when they hear you are having difficulties.