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5 Tips for a Killer Logo Design


Although there are tons of logo designers in Fiverr, I like to share 5 tips to design a good logo for your client. Such as,

1. Know about background
This the main thing. Because you cannot do anything without knowing the background of the business about your client. Such as, What is the target audience, what kind of product/service they have, qualities of products, competitors, etc.

2. Use colors effectively
The color is very important for branding. We can identify different colors for different categories. Like, Green for safety, nature, health, and freshness. Blue wisdom, confidence, and stability.
Always try to use cool colors and good color combinations. you can Google for good color combinations.

3. Be Original
Don’t copy. Always do unique and fresh designs. Because people always remind the original brand. If you copy a logo, it could be a copyrights issue also.

4. Simplify the logo
Simple logos can easily recognize and remind. Most popular logos like Apple, Nike, Audi are simple. Don’t use messy decorations.

5. Use the right font
The font of your logo can give some recognition of your business. Such as you can use serif fonts for a Law Firm, sans-serif classic fonts for a Real Estate Business and Script fonts for a Travel Blog. Always use smooth and quality fonts.

If you can follow these 5 simple tips, your logo will be awesome…!


outstanding experience. Thank you Brother for your real experience to share us. Thank you very much.