5 Tips for buyers to hire high-profile article writer on Fiverr


Content writing is essential in online business. Website owners, networkers, bloggers, and anyone involved in online marketing needs articles to engage their audience and drive more traffic. However, most article buyers on Fiverr do encounter great challenges finding the right writers for various reasons.

From buyers’ commentaries and reviews, it is evident some buyers are not finding it easy locating the right article sellers for their jobs. Some buyers have even concluded that Fiverr is not the right place to look for quality articles due to their past experiences on the platform. For this reason, I decided to write the following tips to help Fiverr buyers find the right writer for their article jobs.

  1. Take time to find the right seller
    Most buyers do not spend the time to understand how to find the seller of their choice. If you need a quality job, you need to spend the time to locate the right seller. Don’t be in a hurry to hire a seller because they are the first that came up in your search - dig deeper!

Take time to investigate who you are hiring before ordering your first gig from the seller. I sell and also buy on Fiverr. I buy services like graphics, voice over, video animation and marketing, etc. By looking through the list of sellers in my preferred niche, I will shortlist a few sellers whose profiles and activities sound convincing enough to engage in further discussion before the final decision to hire.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry
    If you need the article tomorrow, I suggest you contract a writer earlier. It is not advisable to put your writer under pressure to write and deliver quickly. I am not saying it is not possible to write an article under 24 hours, but doing so depend on so many factors and if in your judgment it is a difficult task, you either write it yourself or contract it earlier. Before ordering an urgent article, it is better to find out if the seller can deliver quality article within the time frame. And of course you should be ready to pay for fast delivery if the seller demands such.

  2. Know what you want
    Many buyers are guilty of this; they order a job without providing the topic and keywords for the article. Apart from the title and keyword, you need to give a brief on what you want and the flow of your content. When you describe what you want, and you are sure the seller understands your needs, you can rest assured of getting a quality job from the seller.

  3. Communication is important
    Coupled with looking for a brilliant and exceptional writer, you want a writer that is up to date on their conversation. While you may want to give the seller detail of what you need, his or her failure to respond to your discussion may frustrate your effort to get him/her to deliver a quality and unique job.

  4. Pay something commensurate
    It is true a basic Fiverr gig is five dollars, but when you see a job that is more than five bucks, you should pay more. Think about this, no seller delivering quality jobs would be happy putting in all the efforts to get paid $5. When you find the right seller offering what want for five bucks, take the time to give him/her a tip occasionally to encourage them to do more.

There are other ways to find high profile writers on Fiverr; I believe similar topics as this have addressed many of these ideas. I did this discussion from the perspective of a Fiverr seller and also a buyer; I hope this makes some sense to you.

Thanks for reading.