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5 TIPS -Getting Order From Promoted gig TRY TODAY

Well. I have heared lots of people talking about promoting their gig outside of fiverr, but from my personal opinion if you dont have a personal fan based page in social media . promoting gig does not actually work there, you might get 1/2 order, but not enough
For me the best way is promoting gig inside of fiverr, as Fiverr already started this program, I am very happy with that option . i would suggest some tips how to use promoted gig service in fiverr, working for me , hope will work for you guys too

  1. 1st of all, if you are new seller you can make 7 gigs, for level 1 its 10 and for level 2 its 20!
    so 1st thing you need to do is , create all the gig, just dont depend in 1 gig! have seen lots of people working for 6 months and has only 1 gig , and always complaining about not getting work!
    dude, when you have only 1 gig, how can you get more work, as an example if you make 7 gigs that fiverr allows you as a new seller . make all 7 . that means your chance of getting order now 7 times bigger.

  2. fiverr has some requirements , they dont allow to promote all of your gigs, i have 20 gigs, and fiverr allow me to promote 7 gigs , so if you have 7 gigs , fiverr might allow you to promote 3 or 4 gigs!
    if you have only 1 or 2 gig, you might not have chance for those 2 gigs to be listed on the promotion

  3. about the promotion price you can use 5 , 10 and 15% of your total selling price, that means if you sell a gig in 100$ , fiverr will take 20%, you will get $80. if you use extra 15% to promote your gig in fiverr it will be total 35% and when you sell 100 gig you will get 65 instead of 80$!

so in that case what i did, all the gig i have i changed their price which was allowed to promote
if i have a gig of 3 packages - $5. $40- $70. i change the last 2 , I make them $5 $70 $100

so at the end of the day the price i supposed to get . its still the same or maybe more .
and trust me,. increasing price does make that different in getting order

as you can see in the image , i have sold 26 gig made 321$ in 1 month. believe me those gig was broken, no sells on those for 3/4 month. hardly i used to get 1/2 orders a month. now just 26 in one month! so you can see it really works

  1. lastly choose the best design to your display image . if you pay 35% to the fiverr, its sure, your gig will be seen by more people every day then before. but if your image is not appealing , it might not work well for your! cause 1st impression is the last impression, if you put something that easily eye grabbing , you can be sure you will get order, if you are a designer, dont use dark image. make it creative and colorful but not over the top. so if someone scroll fast. .it should still bang on their eyes

hope it helps


I guess this option is not available for me yet because I can’t find the option anywhere :disappointed_relieved:


it should be there in selling options, see the image, if you still dont have , you might talk with fiverr customer support

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I don’t have the option available! Will contact CS to ask why :slight_smile:


It’s being rolled out in stages - it’ll just appear at some point.


This thread will break down into a mass hysteria of where’s my. Promoted sells option mang!


I don’t have it either. Initially I thought that it’s a feature only for new members but that’s not true. It will eventually be available to all. Great tool!

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This sounds like an awesome tool! Though I am a bit worried. If everyone advertises, what? We all have to give 35% now just to be discovered?

Will fiverr be taking that % out of every order placed on that specific gig? Or will they track the one they promoted and the one you promoted.

not every order, only specific one which one is in the promoted list

well it was for some people, when fiverr was testing the system! as long as i know, fiverr open this tools for everyone already . its been a month

It’s not open to everyone, your gig must already be making some decent amount in order to qualify. Let’s say I promote on social media and some people click on the link and place an order. Will fiverr deduct the % from those orders or do the have a way to differentiate the people who order from the promoted link and those who order from the link you have promoted yourself.

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i dont think so! i have tired outside before, is the same previous price! but i used to promote directly , i never use the customized promoted link, which they have on their promote buisness options. but i think its still be same with previous price!

The deduction will become active only when the sale is completed.

well, where is my promoted gigs option!?


is this available for web services

you can go to the categories, search for exact same job you doing, if you see top 4 gigs that apperas. if they have text ADD write on thier image. that means you must have this options too

I know that. My question was. If I promote my gig and fiverr promotes the same gig, then someone click on the link I promoted and places an order. Will fiverr also deduct the % from that gig?

If you send a custom order on a ‘promoted gig’, the custom order will also get the promotion deduction.

Don’t ask me why.

Actually i also dont have that option and even i dont have that “invite friend and get $5” option as well. Do you guys have this kind of problems?