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5 tips to avoid & manage negative feedback [ARCHIVED]


Buyer’s feedback is an important tool in the Fiverr marketplace. As long as it is used properly with fairness and follow our TOS and editorial guidelines, it’s the buyer’s prerogative to rate the service they received.

Here are some tips to help you avoid getting negative feedback from buyers:

  1. State clearly in the Gig description what’s included and at times more importantly, what’s not.

  2. If you need sensitive info, such as admin, login rights and password, say it in the Gig description. Don’t surprise your buyers with permissions that you need, after they already placed the order.

  3. Communicate with your buyers! The nice ones and the not nice ones; they are all your customers. Although some negative feedback come from buyers who are set on damaging your reputation, many buyers just want some attention. Talking to them can help you to encourage cooperation and buyer satisfaction.

  4. If your buyers are not happy and want a do-over, look at their request and consider catering to them. It may not be arm-twisting by the buyers, but an opportunity to get repeat customers. Take this on a case by case basis.

  5. If you have many orders in queue and don’t want to deal with a demanding buyer, you can choose to cancel, just be sure to factor in the possibility of negative feedback.

    Support can help you out:

  • When buyers want something for nothing and try to twist your arm to provide that.

  • If your buyer uses the feedback as a sword rather than a shield.

  • When the negative feedback is strongly-worded, includes bad language, or is slanderous.

  • If the feedback reveals your work methods that are not commonly known

More tips for maintaining good ratings.


awesome! I like this post.


Excellent, this helps a lot!


Great post.

Going over the top to make a customer happy, even when you have to go WAY out of your way… when the alternative is negative feedback, is really the best way to maintain your reputation… and possibly get that customer back. :3


I might consider changing tip #5 from “choose to cancel” to be “propose mutual cancellation” with the buyer, as forcing a cancel will negatively affect a seller.


good, one.

but somehow there is a buyer, that never satisfied with. then boom you with a tons of gigs. that’s happen to me. unhealthy competition i think because in every gigs all about negatif comments no matter haw good the design.but who knows.if you wanna be the best some how you will meet with this kind of


But what if competitor create other account purchase your gig and ruined it by leaving a bad reviews I am damn sure support just can’t do anything.


Good info, always great to hear other sellers and their experience.


Thank you! Amazing info.

Time to bring this thread to the top so everyone can have a look at it


Good post! support is awesome like that, we are contractors and they are like our “boss” and “support desk” they want us to succeed that is how they make their money!


Great post!


awesome post great thanks for you’re ideas =D>


Great post! Even though your customers are paying $5 for your services, it’s still important to go above and beyond of their expectations. When you do this, two good things happen. You get spectacular feedback and they’ll become loyal returning customers! :slight_smile:



Very good information on how to handle buyers. thanks a lot.


Great tips!


I crossed my fingers right as I have a buyer who order multiple gigs for my wordpress design service and I forgot to ask her that I need her information on hostgator now she is a bit surprise about the requirements - thanks for the reminder!


That was great. It could save you some pains. Thanks for sharing this info.


Great post, thanks for the handy tips at the end about the fiverr support helping you out if your facing arm-twisting buyers.


I did those and still get a negative feedback, lol.

But it was totally a misunderstanding, my buyer is still new and she didn’t mean to give me a negative feedback :-))

Thank goodness Fiverr support worked really fast. :smiley:


If you want to win the Game, follow the Rules CLOSELY.

But hey "if you wanna be the best some how you will meet with this kind of"

Then if front fails fall back. But if Back start to fall again, then as you See Something then SAY Something quickly and tactfully.

Fiverr Support desk from my own progressive personal experiences so far is actually A shoulder to cry on!

Than you all you Guys at F.S.D