5 tips to boost your impressions


I’ve been on Fiverr for a few years. I’ve experienced a lot of frustrations like many of you on the platform but have also found some success and I wanted to share the things I learnt to get more impressions on Fiverr.

  1. Reply to messages as soon as possible

Fiverr does not actively say that your response time affects your presence on the platform. But I noticed when first starting that if I was quick to respond to messages, sometimes I would almost immediately get another message my a different client. Fiverr definitely rewards sellers who respond quickly to clients.

  1. Deliver orders quickly

You may be struggling to get your first sale, but once you do make sure you take it seriously! Delivering the job quickly shows Fiverr that you mean real business. I found I received even more messages from new customers very soon after completing orders.

  1. Keep active on the Fiverr website

Fiverr takes note of your activity on the site. Don’t just post your ad then hope someone comes along. Keep updating your gig’s description and tags. I’ve heard from many people that updating their gig would give increase to their gig’s impressions. When Fiverr sees that you are active and engaged with the site, they are more obliged to send traffic your way.

  1. Get your first Sale

Getting your first sale is the hardest and most important sale you will make. It may require you to send the traffic to the gig yourself. If you are logo designer, offer a discount to a friend who is starting a Youtube channel or small business and make the sale through the site. This shows Fiverr that you are invested in the site and they will send impressions to you in no time.

  1. Maintain your growth!

This is best learnt sooner than later. When you finally break through and gain a steady stream of clients, make sure that you don’t overbook yourself or neglect the traffic that is coming your way. It took myself months to get to a point where I had steady traffic coming my way at nearly 5000 impressions a day! Though I had mistakenly overbooked myself and had to deliver some jobs late as well as take some vacation time to finish them. This crippled my account to the point where I was down to 100 impressions a day. Make sure once you are getting traffic that you limit your maximum orders for each gig and do not take more than you can handle!

I hope this helped you! Let me know any experiences you’ve had that could help out a newcomer.

Brendon Reimer


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@brendon_reimer what you generally do to gain more impression ? do you marketing your gig outside like social media?


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Excellent post. I am a new comer on fiverr but is not in professional life. This tips is really helpful for me and I have earned lot of things in this post.
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