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5 Tips To Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

If you want to make a reasonable income in any business, one of your main goals should be to deliver exceptional customer service.

What do I know about customer service? As a former salesman at an Audi car dealership I have dealt with dozens of customers with very high expectations and learned how to treat them exactly the way they expected.

My 5 tips for making your customers happy and getting 5 star reviews are:

1. Respond quickly

The old saying “The customer is king” is true if you want to be successful. No king wants to wait 24 hours to get a response. Maybe back in the day when people sent pigeons to deliver messages it was normal, but with all the technology available to you today it’s just not acceptable. Download the Fiverr app on your phone in order to get notified whenever a customer sends you an inquiry or places an order and respond as quickly as you can.

2. Listen (read) carefully

One of the traits of successful business people is that they know how to truly listen to their customers and deliver exactly what they want. When receiving a message from one of your clients, make sure to acknowledge every detail. Often we are in a hurry or overly excited with a new order and oversee important information.

3. Deliver more than asked for

Okay, you may think that you are not getting paid to do extra work. I am not saying that you should put in another hour to make your customer happy. A small detail can go a long way. Think of something your customer will appreciate, it shouldn’t take you more than 3-5 minutes.

4. Empathize with your customers

Try to really understand them. Feel what they feel. It is easy to get caught up in your work and forget that your customers are real people with real issues and problems. Remember to always see things form their perspective too. This is specially important when dealing with unhappy customers. Although you might be unable to deliver a solution sometimes, you can always make sure you let them know that you understand them instead of just defending your point of view. If there is no other way out, give your customer a refund, the last thing you want is a bad review.

5. Treat your repeat customers better

There are 3 types of customers. The ones who order a 5$ gig once and you never hear from them again, others who order a couple of times until their project is completed and the ones who are in constant need of your services and always come back for more. Your focus should always be on repeat customers. Of course a one time buyer also deserves a good service, but in order to achieve and maintain a steady income stream, you should always give those who keep coming back a special treatment.

These tips prove that providing exceptional customer service isn’t rocket science. You will surely make a mistake sometimes and lose a customer or two. But even big businesses like Amazon or Samsung lose a client every now and then. The important thing is to always remind yourself that without your customers, you couldn’t be providing any service and making money. At the end of the day, it’s all about them.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to provide your point of view on these tips or share any experiences you had in the past.

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Happy freelancing!
Patrick Pechmann


This is a bit sensitive on Fiverr, ever since it’s not allowed anymore to refund just to avoid a bad review :wink: And actually sometimes bad reviews can even help, as weird as that may sound, and some big companies have realized that themselves and started accepting and showing the bad reviews.

Plus, if I know I’ve done a good job and invested my time, expertise and effort in the delivery, why would I want to refund? I’ll rather prepare a counter-review to present to potential future buyers :wink:

I would rather believe that customers and providers are / should be equal:

  • without customers, you couldn’t be providing any service and making money
  • but without providers/services, customers wouldn’t have something to buy either

So I do not think that it’s all about the customers at the end of the day :wink:


Hi Woofy,
thanks for sharing your point of view! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip; it helps.


Thank You so much. These points will help me a lot.


I don’t agree. I know a lot of sellers do this and has caused a large volume of buyers who plan to ask for a refund from the offset. I’ve worked with multiple individuals who couldn’t offer any reason for their request for a refund, but simply send a post-delivery message stating “Refund me or I’ll give you 1 star.”. This behavior has been learned through sellers automatically giving refunds to avoid any bad reviews, and buyers have come to expect it.

The customer is certainly not always king. Buyers can be ***holes, just as anyone else can.


I totally agree with you. Of course you shouldn’t give a refund just for the sake of avoiding bad reviews. But if you deliver 200 gigs, I am sure there will be a couple of customers who are genuinely unhappy with your work.

I am very familiar with buyers who plan to get a free gig. I had another profile some time ago on which Previously I offered translations on Fiverr and sadly there are some individuals with bad intentions out there.

And of course buyers can be ***holes, you just don’t have to tell them they are. Being polite can only work in your favour.


How do you react to that type of customers?


JUST this; refund the money; after all, you will still get other clients who will value your work; but one thing again does these Buyers think they are the only one who can give BAD REVIEW? i WONDER :smirk:


I refer them to Fiverrs Terms of Service. This practice isn’t accepted and some members of the customer service team are still helpful when it comes to bad reviews from obvious scammers.


Thanks for the tips.


Wonderful tips. And to be honest, I have paid one seller because of his exceptional services - even if his service was not what I expected. So yeah, I believe that customer service really puts you above all other sellers.


That’s the golden theory of marketing <3

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Excellent tips! Actually, I follow most of the tips you shared although I have not a long career here on Fiverr.

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Thanks. I am sure you will have a long career here on Fiverr. You are on the right path!
I wish you all the best!

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