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5 Tips To Get FREE Traffic To Your Fiverr Gigs

Not getting a lot of sales on your Fiverr gigs?

You have a great service but no one is buying?

Are you fed up of not seeing any results?

It’s because you are not getting enough traffic to your gigs, or maybe the traffic you are getting isn’t targeted.

Here are 5 tips that will change the game and bring targeted traffic to your gigs.

1- Find a blog that has a topic related to your gig contact the owner and ask if you can be a guest blogger, write free articles that have tips about your niche and where you can anchor your fiverr link in some keywords. (Do this weekly)

2- Answer questions on forums related to your gig. ( is very popular)

3- When sending emails put your fiverr link in your signature

4- Enroll yourself in the fiverr community ask and answer questions in the forum, don’t just pitch your gig in the buyer request section but help a buyer in need, offer something free (sample or bonus this will increase conversion)

5- Create short how to videos, upload it to your youtube account and post your fiverr link in the description.

Hope you will take advantage of these tips.

For more tips and tricks to generate traffic you can contact us.



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Very informative. Thank you so much for sharing

Always a pleasure sharing tips with people that want to succeed! :slight_smile:

OMG ! she saw an opportunity and she took it… nice game wordpress_seo_2

Sheriff’s Note: Actually, not such a nice game. Against the forum Do’s and Dont’s and therefore removed.

I think it’s very helpful tips for me, i will must follow this tips hope it’s successe for me.

Thanks for the input. We are all on here because we would like to have a little extra change in our pocket.

Great tips. Appreciate you taking the time!

Much success guys!