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5 Tips/Tricks for all the sellers

Here are 5 tips or tricks, whatever you may call, only for sellers that I have realized working here on this site.

  1. If you’re a new seller or thinking to publish a new gig then this one is just for you. Once you’re all set with a gig then…

To be Continued…
Stay tuned :wink:

i fell asleep waiting

You will eventually wake up. Ain’t you? :wink:

Being pretty straight-forward.
Don’t make a topic saying I will write something in here later. That’s it.

I will do whatever I wish to do. You are? No one!

I will do whatever I wish to do. You are? No one!
By the way, improve your grammar. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Can we have thumbs down button please?

It’s you who needs a dictionary and most likely a shrink.

Ok, let me Help.
1St Tip.
Always be nice to Everyone.

I do agree with @taverr, If you want to share something useful, then go ahead and share it. What is the purpose of keeping it as a suspense?
As @charlestoh mentioned in his comment
"1St Tip.
Always be nice to Everyone."

You got me pretty excited.
Anyways. If these tips could help me out, then I would be more than happy to wait

People who’re interested can contact me directly and I’ll guide you all with my experiences and a few legit tricks that I learnt. Some of you guys just bully around, so I am presuming that you guys are not worth it and I will not be wasting my energy and time on such people. Again, thank you so much for your support and if I can be of any help to you; just ping me up. I’ll be more than glad to help you out!
Thank you.
Best regards,