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$5 - Translate Or Write Amazon Product Listing In Chinese


I Will Translate Or Write Amazon Product Listing In Chinese

$5 USD (Product Listing x 2 - 100 words per product)

  • x 2 100 words per product descriptions OR (2) 100 words per product descriptions (please specify)

  • 100 Words Included (Per product)

  • 1 Title Included (Per Product) + HTML Title + 1 Focus Keyword + 1 Bullet point Included (Per Product)

  • 2 Product Listings


Successful Amazon listings begin with making your product stand out from the competition. From messaging to keywords to format, small details can mean the difference between making a sale and losing out to a competitor.

Not only having a precise and descriptive title is very important for an Amazon Shop, but also tags are important. You can’t just have someone random to translate product title/description to Chinese because you need more in-depth adjectives or specially designed names/descriptive words to make your product more attractive sounding.


5 years of sales, advertising, and promotion writing
National Taipei University - Graduate with English Degree


I write to sell products; not meet strict word counts. My writing style is concise, descriptive, original and bubbly sounding. I will write the best descriptive words/title to describe your product main features and bring your product alive.

I don’t give refunds. If I do the work, just ask for revisions.

Please contact me first if you have an active listing. #amazon #business #marketing #buy #sell #video #writing #merchandise #china #product