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5 Ways to get traffic to your Fiverr gigs using Pinterest


Here are some few tips on How you can create your own Traffic back to your gigs using Pinterest. Fiverr does an amazing job with traffic. But if you create some traffic on your own is also helpful. Enjoy and any questions i would love to hear from the Fiverr community.

  1. Create your Pinterest account based on your gigs.

    Creating a Pinterest account around your gigs will let your visitors know what you are about. If you are a graphic designer make sure you create a board called Graphic Designer and share some work and your favorite blogs.

  2. Pin your gigs.

    The way you share your gigs is by Pinning your gigs from fiverr to your Pinterest boards. Pinterest has a tool which is the Pin it button which appears in your browser and lets you share and captures and image you want to pin with no hassles. For more information go to the search engines and type in pinterest pin it button.

  3. Create Inforgraphics

    Pinterest is not like other platforms is more like visual content platform. The way you get engagement to your pin is by creating Infographics. Good thing you don’t need to be graphic designer. Tools are available and most of them are free or you can find some Designers here on Fiverr. Make sure the infographics you create are bright and long, add a link back to your fiverr gigs.

  4. Use Promoted Pins

    This is a new tool i have been testing. it is effective and very affordable. I like this because you can advertise your pins like Location, age, local categories and much more. Reminder: Have a eye catchy infographic for this campaign.

  5. Network with other influencers.

    The most important process of growing followers is networking with other pinners. Take some time out of your day and pin, like, comment, and share other people’s content. Do this twice a day with 25 pins on each session.