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5 Years Old Seller but still New Here

Hi, I am not a new seller in Fiverr, but a new poster in the forum. This is my first post! I am Shamim Hoque. I am from Bangladesh. I have completed my M.Sc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology but never entered into a Physical office job. I am doing virtual work from my student life and still doing so. I am a full time seller! I love Fiverr very much. It is fun and interesting for me to spend my time talking with buyers from different countries and hearing their praise! I work with Domain, Hosting, Wordpress, Programming and Tech, IT and support. I have completed 5 years in Fiverr but still learning and always seek ways to scale up. I think I am still earning as new seller. How can I go high?


Welcome to the forum! I also started on Fiverr during student life. Glad to read you’re here full-time now.


Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! Glad to hear that you are also from student life.

Welcome to fiverr forum. Hope you get success real soon!

hello, that’s a young age to be a seller but welcome

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Welcome to forum :100: glad to have you here

@shamimhoque i am also form bd and same as new seller. over all your a experience person in fiverr…

Wow…that’s impressive. And welcome brother. Bangladesh’s job sector, nothing to say about that. I’m also following your footpath. Pray for me.

Welcome to fiverr forum

Congrats for joining! Check this out if you want some tips on how to have more success:

WoW good.
welcome to community

If you type “fiverr success stories” in the search bar above there are several posts which you may find interesting and inspirational.

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