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5 years on fiverr but no order

No one can feel this pain but I am not going to give up.
I am hunting for orders until i get.
Although it’s a very hard journey but still trying.
I’ve tried many Gigs in last 5 years from, photo editing, resume making , lead generation, Data scraping, even Data entry but still didn’t got a single order.

Now I am thinking to try a new account, may be that would work.

Pray for me guys
God bless you all


This is strange. There is no way in 5 years no one reached out to you, find you and click on your GIG and send message. What are your GIG analytics showing?

And why your description says:
I will be your Virtual Assistant for 5$ only. I am Level 1 Seller On Fiverr.

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What actions have you taken in the last five years to try and obtain orders? Sitting around waiting for orders is not how you EARN orders. What marketing and promotion have you done? Have you researched your target customers, learned about what they need, and connected to them? Have you done anything directly to encourage your target customers to hire you?

That is not likely to help you get orders. It is also against Fiverr’s rules. Your problem is not with your account… your problem is that you haven’t been taking productive actions to EARN your orders.


if you dont check your account everyday. fiverr algorithms will throw you in later pages when nobody will notice you

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Please cite this claim, @alichancham. Where did you obtain this information from?


This is strange.
Try again …best of luck


Thank you for reply Ms.Marina

Actually i was so fed up with trying new profile setting, like changing Bio, interests, and GiG tags and bla bla.

Last time my friend offered me that he will configure it for me and may be that will work
But still it didn’t.

Thank you Mr. Jonbass for your helping word.

I have tried making many GiGs of different services but haven’t tried any marketing strategies outside fiverr.
Can you please briefly explain how it works.

I would really appreciate.

Thank you Mr. Abidurahman Abid
For your wishes and kind words.
God bless you

Thank you Mr. Alichancham
I have been using fiverr on regular basis from many time, like checking for buyer requests almost regularly.

No, I cannot. But you can learn about this, for yourself, by doing your own market research, and adapting the strategies and ideas that work best for you. YOU are responsible for building your own success, and connecting to your target customers. I am not going to do this for you, nor lay out a step-by-step outline that removes your need to do your own research and experimentation.


JonBaas is doing his hard man act but he is essentially right.

Even if someone gave you a 1-10 list of exactly how to get famous, it wouldn’t work. It may vaguely match what they did but it wouldn’t work for you (esp seeing they largely made up the 1-10 list after the fact and it is commonly more fantasy than fact).

I have made these lists but am always clear that they are not going to work if followed slavishly. The “magic” is in going past the surface and developing your compelling Story. Fiverr won’t let me link to any of those directly but the essence is in this video:

What is your Story? What will make people want to follow (invest in) you?

It’s interesting that you’re thinking of resorting to a silly trick like making a new account instead of diagnosing the fundamental reason you aren’t getting orders.

I bet you don’t research your competition, do you?


This is strange and sounds quite unbelievable… However, Find out your self what you need to do to improve your sales
Creating another account is highly against the fiver regulation and it can even help you because you will still face the same problem… The best is to find out yourself

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makes sense i think, if you constantly check on your account and make improvements you will get more impressions