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5 years on fiverr, NO SALE

I know people will not believe this but that has been my experience on fiverr.
I joined fiverr in 2012 without any skill but since then, I have learned web design/development, photoshop, writing, wordpress, SEO, transcription etc. I have tried a lot of things and strategies like copying the style some of the gigs and tags of some of the best in my niche, promote my gigs on my several social platforms and so on. But it has been a really frustrating experience so far.
I’m beginning to think I will never make money on this platform.


Wow, that’s awesome :wink:
Do you think, copy other content and you’ll get sells?

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It really is unbelievable

I kinda share your opinion too :cry:

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I know it won’t
But I have published many gigs in my niche, edited and deleted endlessly. It now feels like a never ending loop.
I only followed the advice of some experienced fiverr gurus and that is why I copied the style of some top gig sellers in my niche.

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Does the fact you haven’t made sales not tell you that perhaps the gurus (surprise, surprise) were wrong?

I can see from some of the other features of your profile etc. you’ve listened to the gurus’ advice about that as well. :wink:


I’ve checked out one of your gigs, and you didn’t copy the style, you copied the whole gig description. That’s plagiarism.

I guess that you followed a “guru advice” when using a stock photo as your profile picture, too.

Your photo should be your own, and your gig descriptions should be your own. If you’re good at what you do and honest about your abilities, and if you stop using what isn’t yours to use, you might get some sales.


At least he’s admitting it.

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Fiverr is not for everyone.
If you did you best and didn’t get any sales then maybe it’s time to move on. It might sound harsh, but why would you waste another 5 years while you could focus your energy on something else.

We can repeat the same canned responses

  • review your gig description
  • improve your portfolio
  • bid on buyer requests
  • promote in social media

But if you already tried it and it didn’t work then this platform is probably not for you.


small question - Do you come regularly at fiverr from last 5 years?

It’s funny - either you’re not illiterate or you might be 5 year boy!!

First time heard - a seller not get any order from last 5 years instead they are on fiverr regular user.

This ticket clearly shows - user want attention on this ticket only nothing else :wink:

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I am not kidding. Though I haven’t been a regular on the platform because of other challenges, I have never stopped coming to check out my gigs.
The thing is that I get frustrated easily when I create a new gig, or make an edit to my gig and I don’t start seeing orders within the next few weeks. It is a never ending cycle.
I am only motivated if I see people with less technical skills making it on fiverr. This is when I return to try again.

And this is why I am seeking practical tips from fellow sellers on this forum. This is kinda like my last resort from. And if this isn’t successful, I’ll take uxreview’s advice and quit this platform.

As believing on your story - Get Learn first from : and and

you’ll get all tips and learning material at there :slight_smile:


never give up, best of luck for happy fiverring.

can share your profile link here?

Click on his username and you’ll see his profile link.

Thanks for the advice bro. Already started making the required changes to my profile and my gigs.

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oh thank you catwriter

share how, if you haven’t made a sale, you have a review.

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I am being highly dramatic. There’s just a little difference between zero and one.

ah gotcha.
so along with the fake stock photo you had and the plagiarized content, you outright lie too. Silly me.

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I have no idea what you are getting at.
Are you simply going to attack me or help me. Because it is not funny.
I have ONE sale in five years!!! How is that different from nothing?
If you know that you can not help me, please let others do.

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