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5+ Years on fiverr with 2900+ Oders and 1750+ Feedback


Hi this is BALUBFA12,

i have been working on fiver over 5 year with 2900+ orders and 1700+ positive feedback.

Really working hard to become TOP RATED SELLER

Please have a look at my exclusive graphic design portfolio

Kindly let me know your suggestions or feedback about my work.


Wish you all the best!


@writer99025 thanks so much, you are my inspiration.

I have read your posts and you are so kind and polite. Thanks so much. Nice to meet you on fiverr.

I hope i will be TOP RATED SELLER again.

How do you feel about my portfolio? Any suggestions? Also do you have any tips for best selling gig?


You are obviously very talented and hard working, just keep doing your best, diversify, explore your options and leave the rest to God. Don’t get obsessed with certain things such achieving TRS or making “x” amount of money a month. Focus on the work, not the result or consequence.



Why i am wondering to get TRS badge because most of the buyers will search for TRS and order through them.

Right now i have some financial issues. this is not a story i am telling, the current situation for me is the toughest in my life. why because we have a 5 member family

Me and my wife and my 2.5 years boy and my parents. i am having some health issues and spending most of my money for my treatment. there is no option for me my parents are aged and they cant work to earn. and my 2.5 years boy recently diagnosed with ADHD and Hyper activity, developmental delay issues.

Right now i have to take him for Speech and other developmental therapies which costs 15 to 20 thousand INR for 1 month. as i said fiverr is my only income and i cant work outside as a regular designer as i cant work continuously for 8 to 10 hours.

so if i get a chance to be a TRS then i can able to spend foe my family and my kids therapy as well as my personal health care. As i am the only source of income for my entire family, i have lot of stress mentally and physically as well.

So i am trying my best to deliver the best quality work to all my clients and i am eagerly waiting to get more work and earn more to spend for my kids therapy and my family needs.

Hoping for the best.


Yes, let’s hope for the best. God will show a way.



Can you please let me know is there anything to change in my gig description of my best selling gig? Can you please help me. as i am not a top notch writer to write great description.


I am busy right now, I will check within a week and proofread/edit it for free, don’t worry.


Congratsss…Hope you get back your TRS badge soon.[quote=“balubfa12, post:3, topic:110507”]
thanks so much, you are my inspiration.

I have read your posts and you are so kind and polite.

Mine inspiration too…


@writer99025 Mine inspiration too…


Where did you get this information from, may I ask?

I have a few top rated sellers but majority of my sellers are level 2 - many were 0 or 1 when I first stared working with them.

Unless you have facts to back you up, I believe you are mistaken.


Well done, impressive… Wish you best of luck in future :slight_smile:



when i was TOP RATED SELLER i was getting around $1000 to $1300 per month, because of many new buyers searched and they mentioned while ordering my gig as i am one of the top rated sellers and thats why they have chosen my service.

Right now as a level 2 seller i am able to get only $500 to $700 per month and currently most of my orders are getting from my old clients, and even in search criteria there is lot of competition for level 2 sellers.

so i am getting very few orders from new sellers and the current situation for me is i have to spend around $300 per month for my sons ADHD and Developmental delay issues treatment and therapies.

So this is the most challenging time in my life and i am still with a hope that i can get back to my old days like earning more and getting many orders so that i can able to take care of my family and my son’s therapy.

Thanks so much for all your support and positive approach towards me.