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I AM JUST LEVEL $50 AWAY FROM LEVEL ONE… my question is that after achieving level one will increase my sales or not??


It may somewhat, but there certainly won’t be a magic switch that gives you a flood of new orders. I’d suggest going into it not expecting a boost, and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



Level one will get you more views. Be sure your gigs are SEO approved for better ranking.

Level 2 Benefits & Engagement

No, level 1 does not guarantee more sales or views. There are no guarantees here on Fiverr. You earn your sales and success. They are not provided to you just because you have a certain seller level.


Actually level one just earn trust of the buyers little bit .otherwise nothing and one more thing ,you can see many buyer request when you will be updated …May be that will be good for you


did you mean that buyers will contact directly without buyer request…??? didn’t get you .?


On Level 0 I am getting 0-30 or something buyer request but when I was level one I have got 4000+ buyer request … Not directly buyer message .


okay…yes …i am getting 10-30 buyer request daily now GOT IT…___ …and what about direct gigs orders …


Performance is the main fact … Levels just earn trust …But If you work hard you will get levels and trust automatically. On level 1 I have earned $400+ per month … But without Level I have earned $1000+ last months … For that I am telling you not be lazy after getting level …Work hard and get orders .


bundle of thanks bro…


You are most welcome


Welcome. Levels just earn trust.


thanks for quality advice friend