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50 buyer request done but no response!

Does it seem natural not to have any order even after placing 50+ buyer request?


It is very difficult to get work from a Bayer request.


Yes, it does. It is very natural, because you are competing for a job. Sellers are not entitled to orders just because they sent a response to a buyer’s request. If you sent 50+ responses, and have gotten no orders from those, then it would appear that other sellers sending responses are sending better responses, or are winning those projects. Perhaps fine-tuning your BR response strategy, and writing stronger responses might make you more likely to win a buyer’s project.


Check this out:


I am at 0 for 35. I was a successful car salesman for 10 years so I know a bit about sales & closing. I know a bit about sales & opening. 0 for 35 or 0 for 50 is a sure sign of a very broken system. Even the worst Daewoo (worst car in Oz at the time) salesman would have had better results than that.

All due respect but that official article is totally useless. Nothing but Capt Obvious stuff and as soon as you hit the advice:

“Take time to carefully review the buyer’s request. Buyers will often spend time describing the service they need in detail, and some may even attach a file for reference.”

It is very clear that this article was probably written by a $5 Fiverr Gig and not by anyone who has any sense of what it is like trying to land Buyer Requests in the real world.

Most requests haven’t the slightest in the way of useful pieces of info to help make a valid proposal for the job. Most are also showing budgets in the <$1ph for specialist work arena. The only time I have had any engagement, it has been to be pumped for free stuff then ghost as soon as I ask for the business (that incl ignoring follow up requests). There was never a valid job there in the first place.

There is one job/scam that comes almost weekly where they say they want 10-12 pieces of music written which is many months’ work. Why back weekly, why never respond to any questions on their needs? My proposal shows I am qualified not only with examples but awards.

It seems that @jonbaas suggestion is simply that “better” proposals = worse business: lowest price (that means free-allowed to be stolen), most demeaning to professionalism, the yesperson (can’t be sexist now) who offers absurd things like to “keep going until you are happy” but delivers garbage but the “client” doesn’t care because they are stealing it anyway.

Has anyone done the math on what % of these Requests actually result in a properly completed Gig? On :insert other provider: most freelancers worked out independently that about 80% of all jobs they pitched on were NEVER hired by anyone. Hard to call that professional workflow - but of course they do.

The requests where it is some person looking for Happy Birthday I kinda don’t include but things like Record this song (which will have been commercially released) only make it an instrumental. The same as the orig, only change it so not copyright. Send samples and only fair offers. Showing a budget of $5 for 8-10 hours of work (totally ignoring that this is in flagrant breach of copyright) suggests no morally fair offer can win this poison chalice.

Come on, at what point is this a Job Market? At what point will Fiverr & the other providers of these services realize that they are running scam-shops?



I did not say, nor imply, anything of the sort. Please do not spin my advice to be something it clearly is not. You’re a salesman… offer a better, more enticing match to the buyer’s needs. Surely you know that that does not mean the offer has to be cheaper, less professional, or anything related to “garbage”.

Have confidence in your offers, and show the buyer that you are the best person for the job. It does work. I know this, because I have won many orders from BR, as have many other veteran sellers whom I know here on Fiverr. Just because you haven’t found your “formula for success” yet, does not mean that the system is broken.

Just because Fiverr isn’t working for you – in the way you want it to work – does not mean that it, those who run this site, or the other successful sellers here, are scammers.

Fiverr works for those who learn how to make it work for them.

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@jonbaas I get that. I am not silly. I keep seeing this kind of response all over Social Media. Oddly it rarely reads like Seth Godin or Steven Covey.

Maybe Fiverr is not the place for me but if people are getting close ratios of 0% then that is below statistical “noise” and therefore suspect.

No doubt some people are doing fine (and perhaps, therefore, don’t want the boat rocked) but interestingly when trying to follow their advice (if even given) they somehow don’t seem able to explain why they did/do well and others don’t. Looking at many courses over the years leaves me feeling that perhaps some people are just lucky of being the “formula” and some are not.

Some direct feedback would be welcome. I am fully accepting that there is responsibility on my side but if no advice changes anything…

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I took a quick look at your gigs. All of them have a high starting price point, especially for a seller (you) who has gained no seller reputation (i.e., orders or reviews) since you started on Fiverr back in 2015. That’s four years of no success on this site. Perhaps you might find a better starting point by redesigning your services to offer less work (smaller more compact services) for a lower starting price. Have your lowest package on every service be a simple, small service for a low price. This generates interest, and then you can up-sell those who do visit your gigs when they see your more detailed, more robust, and more complete services via your other two higher-priced packages.

Right now, you’re expecting orders and success, while competing with other sellers who know how to connect with their markets here on Fiverr. You are clearly not connecting with any market on Fiverr (evidenced by your lack of any orders in four years). And, it would appear that you aren’t really seeking out your markets off of Fiverr either. Bring people into your gigs here on the site. Fiverr loves that.

You have gigs, but you just don’t appear to have researched and understood your market.


EDIT: I have had to edit this response as someone marked it as Spam. Not cool when I am merely trying to have an informed conversation where I show who I am in the real world.

Thanks but that kinda goes back to what I said before: Prostitute myself with low pricing. Been there, done that. nothing worth showing as a result.

How would you Mix a whole Song by doing less work and delivering just as good an outcome?
Did you compare my work to the $5 people? I did :wink:
Did you compare my work to the $100 people? I did (no need to wink)
Did you see what I include compared to both?

I have done loads of free work. Just the other week I helped a Dev with a Game Jam. And we Won!

I do Mix Walkthroughs for no cost:

Overall I have an enormous amount of work on show. I know, Fiverr make it all but impossible to show this… (well irony of ironies I got pinged for trying to show who I am)

Backstory I joined Fiverr back in 2015. Fiverr closed me down for not being active enough (which seemed a waste seeing no amount of activity brought any results). I went elsewhere and had some wins like a film we got several awards for. But all that started to fade and that space made changes to charge freelancers to pitch on jobs that were unwinnable (just like here). I came back after Fiverr promised me that they were sooooo much better and more professional. You can see how that is working out for me.

As for off-Fiverr. Again, you probably didn’t look at my site where I point to Fiverr:
(LINK removed)

Now maybe I have a real “chip” on my shoulder but it is hard to work what to change when as far as I am aware, I have done all the things the experts say I should be doing - in spades even.

So maybe Fiverr and all these bargain basements simply are not useful places for people like me (whatever that is).


keep trying your best. I had the same problem. after 70 buyer request, I got the first order. keep in mind always take care of what your buyer wants. If your buyer won’t satisfy and give you a bad review it’ll be very harmful to your Fiverr career at the beginning.
Best of luck.

Thank you all for those valuable words.

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When a buyer posts a request, immediately receive hundreds of proposals, so you need be very patient and understand clearly what the buyer want.

Please note, you are not allowed to link to your gigs, except for specific posts in My Fiverr Gigs. If you want to link to your gigs, please feel free to add your posts to that part of the forum.

In regards to the buyers requests, that is probably the most competitive part of fiverr and very normal to apply to 50 jobs, probably even 100 and not get any sales from it - especially if you are not giving low prices - many sellers are so keen to get work, they offer very low prices to get sales.

You may be better to focus on optimising your gigs to make them as good as possible in order to get sales. Great images, clear description with keywords, tags, videos, examples of your work etc. This is an old, but still very relevant post and there are many more like them to help you optimise your gigs.


Thanks Sue, I didn’t link to my Gigs but to my website & YouTube to support the conversation as I have seen others do here. Clearly someone thought otherwise for some reason.

Thanks also for saying that 50-100 failed submissions is considered normal. Would have been nice to know that earlier.

No external links are allowed anywhere on the forum, which is why your post was flagged. Thank you for removing the links.

I have up to
180 buyer request but yet no order.