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$50 credit on BBB team cannot be found or used

On approximately 02/05/2018 I created a team ‘BBB’ and funded it with $50 of my hard-earned money. Today I had two problems: 1) I could not navigate to any information about the BBB team including balance and activity. and 2) I could not pay for an order from the $50 BBB-team balance.

I just came from zendesk. Whatever option I chose, the zendesk ticket would not go through. So here I am, asking for help.


I assume you are referring to the Teamaccount feature? It was changed to Business Tools.

I think they are in the process of switching everything over. When you tried to create your support ticket, did you get an error or what was the issue that it didn’t go through?


Okay, from, how do I navigate to Business Tools. When I hire someone, how do i spent from the $50 I have in my Team account.

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Click on “Buying” and scroll down to “Business Tools”.

I would assume it would automatically be decucted. If you encounter any issues with your Fiverr credit you would have to contact customer support directly. Perhaps the ticket will make it through today.

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You came at a bad time when 5r decided to change Team Account over to Business Tools. Technically, they should have transferred the money from Team Account before shutting it down. [Edit: We should have received some notification about it as well, but I didn’t get any email.]

I, too, had money left. They are supposed to credit our accounts between now and 22nd of February. I understand your frustration because it’s your money and you deserve to spend it now instead of waiting two weeks.

I’m patiently waiting to receive credit. When they eventually do credit us, the funds will appear as a credit in our account. At that point, when you check out, you can buy without paying transaction fee.

It’s just a waiting game right now.


Thanks for confirming this. For anyone who is interested or might be experiencing a similar problem, I did receive an email response to one of my Zendesk posts (despite an error page, it did go through). The email response that I received included this statement, "the funds that were added and available in your team balance will be refunded back to your payment provided between now to February 22nd, 2018. "

A little disappointed in how fiverr handled my money and trust. I’m not quitting, but a bit of trust was lost.

Open questions for Fiverr: Why no proactive email about my funds? Why are you holding my money until the 22nd? For future reference, what is the proper channel to contact you for a rapid reply to issues about funds that I have entrusted you with?


Totally agree with you! Badly planned and executed.

If (we) sellers were made to wait for an extra 2 weeks to be able to withdraw or use our funds, there would be a meltdown.

Hope you get a more reasonable answer from them in the future.

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Make sure you include that in your customer support ticket. I understand your frustration and I totally agree as well.

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