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50 Days Without Order

I have created my Fiverr account in March 2020. March to May almost 2month now. Already responded upto 120+ buyer request but received zero-order :frowning: Don’t know how many days I have to wait for my first order.

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Let me guess logo design ? :smiley:


Yes! But also offering Web Design and Development, and Virtual Assistant Service.

You have been waiting too much!

Step up your game and change the way you do things.
If you have yet to get any orders in the past 50 days then it means that something is wrong with your Gig.
To change that you should make your Gig look better and use the right keywords for your job.
Do buyer requests in the right way and don’t try to copy and paste everything.
If you want to be successful then you should not wait for the moment, but catch it by its feet.

Some helpful topics to better improve your Gigs and chances of getting chosen on buyer requests


How to find right keywords… Actually i have already googled about this but nothing worked till now. Anyway thanks for the links.

Check this out:

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