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$50 extras gone?

There used to be an option to add a $50 extra feature to a gig, and now I don’t have it. Only $5, $10, $20, $40.


That’s strange, beginners don’t have the $50 extra (or the $40 extra, they only have the $5, $10 and $20 extras). Perhaps it was a bug that enabled you to have the $50 extra. Read about Levels, that should give you the information about what you’re supposed to have at your current level.

You could also contact Customer Support and ask them about it.

I’ve been level 0, and only gained the level 1 very recently. I was able to make the $50 extra being level 0.

Have you lost your Fiverr level? The $50 extra feature is available to level 2 sellers, you’re level 1.

I think you have mistaken something, because level 1 seller can not add $50 extra offer, may be it was an coding error. …