50 jobs in 2 month is too harsh for a web developer


I am a web developer. I got my level 1 seller badge within a month. However to become a level a 2 seller, I have to complete 50 jobs within a month and it seems impossible to me. I know there are many level 2 web developers out there. But I don’t know how they manage it. I earn around $350-450 from fiverr and it takes me max 10 jobs to do so, not more than that. As for web design, an average cost of making a site is $100 and it takes about 5 days to do so. I think Fiverr should adopt a more suitable way so that seller of each category can be benefited.


50 orders in 2 months is pretty reasonable. You can always offer gigs that are less intensive and quicker to deliver.


Most sellers on Fiverr (in any category) want to be full time earners. Before packages, they did it with $5 gigs. They would have to sell a minimum of 8 gigs a day. They didn’t do it by selling hours of work for a gig. Even in the reputation-building phase, 8 gigs might be designed to.do a portion of website (your niche) in 8 hours.

That’s just to build your business and easily gets you to level 2 working the normal workday for around $800 a month after commission. It’s a fair playing field. Once you get level 2, raise your prices and lower time spent per gig. You can’t easily build a business here by starting out with normal rates. You earn your way. Then you keep your business by raising prices/lowering time spent.