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50% off for Halloween!

I offer drawing service here.

And on occasion of Halloween, ALL my gigs would be 50% off if:

  • You place the order before the next Tueday (28th Octorber, 2014 - GMT +7 timezone)
  • Your order has something to do with halloween or scary/horror stuff (i.e: draw a skull)

    What you need to consider:

  • This only apply to order that are placed during the given time line (i.e: you want me to illustrate the whole book, but you only place an order for the cover, and wait until after Hallowen to order the next picture, the next picture will cost the normal price)
  • Delivery date still depends on the delivery date of the gig, so you might receive your picture after the holidays. If it’s really for Halloween (i.e: a Halloween gift for someone), not just a scary picture, you should let me know and I’ll see what I can do, but no promise.
  • If you must have it before Halloween, you’ll have to pay full price. ^^
  • Because we can’t have decimal number for price on Fiverr, I’ll round it up. (i.e: price is $15, 50% off it’s $7.5, I’ll charge $8)

    -And it must be at least $5 (Fiverr’s rule, not mine) so I can’t sale a $2.5-$3 picture, but instead I’ll offer two $5 pictures for the price of one.

    Please check out my gigs

Eh? That is so cool. I never even noticed it or knew about it. Cool. Now everything makes sense. lol

Good idea. But… how do you plan to do it? How do you plan to sell a gig for say… $8.00?

You can’t control the price. It’s all in multiples of $5. You can’t charge half that. the system won’t let you.

You could say 2 for 1. Order 1 gig and you’ll give 2. But you still couldn’t charge $8.00 because it can only be in 5’s.

I’ll use custom price quote feature. I just checked, only decimal numbers aren’t allowed.

:-j m/