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50% or 20$ Refund to client is possible after taking the order?

Suppose i take a customer order of $150… Now i want to make it $100. And $50 refund to the client. is this possible ?

Fiverr does not allow partial refunds on orders. If the customer chose to hire you at $150, why would you want to give $50 of that back?


After 50% of work done… He added new rules to work. and that is cost more than $150. And he wont increase the payment. So, thought about this option.

It would be better to just deliver what he ordered for $150, and remind him that additional work (that wasn’t part of the original order) costs extra.

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Thank you for the suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face: i’ll try that.

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Partial refund is not possible in fiverr. Request the buyer to purchase additional gigs.

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When your buyer bought your gig they entered into a contract.

The terms of that contract will be stipulated by either your gig description and / or by any subsequent agreement made at the time of their purchase.

They cannot just change the requirements. They need to be reminded of this.

If they are not willing to pay you extra for your additional time and skills then as the honourable @jonbaas says, just deliver on the terms of the original agreement.

Your buyer obviously won’t like this, but you can also politely remind them that the first thing Fiverr customer support are likely to do in the event of a dispute is compare what was originally agreed between both parties and what you delivered.


The reason that would never happen is because it means retroactively changing a contract.

Also, only a completed project is valuable to a buyer.

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In addition to what others have said, the only way to do this

would be for your customer to place another order for $100, you deliver it, they mark it as complete, and only after that you cancel the $150 order.

However, in this case, it’s way too risky, since your buyer doesn’t seem to be trustworthy. Plus you’d end up with a cancellation, and that would affect your stats.


Excellent posts and very good points. These types of buyers generally know how to game the system. They will invent all kinds of reasons why you did poor work, you made dumb mistakes, didn’t spend any time on the job, didn’t do any research, don’t have the intelligence or talent it takes. They start by politely requesting a ridiculous amount of revision (like start all over), then amp it up to name calling and reporting you as a “rude”, then clicking the modification button over and over again while screaming “refund my money!” This kind of behavior seems to have increased during the pandemic.


Cancel the order and send him a new custom offer of $75