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Hello everyone,

I’m New in Fiverr, i have join this great site from 2 months.

I’m Level 1 now and willing to get the next Level.

So I see in my analytics page 90% and 50 ORDERS WITHIN TWO MONTHS + EXCELLENT RATING

Yesterday i have reached the 50 Odres and with 50 good Reviews 100%

But i still level 1 unfortunately :frowning:

It’s 29/04 today i have one day to get to level 2 or i have to do all this job again ?

Thanks for any help.


now i get 51 gigs with 51 positive review. still level 1 :frowning:

Ok thanks dear. i’ll try to contact the support.


Oh yeah i didn’t notice that. Thank.

So I need to wait one day.


I have contacted the support :)] and they told me to wait.